The climate goal of Atlas Copco has attracted the

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Atlas Copco's climate goal has attracted the attention of the United Nations

atlas is 5.6 percentage points higher than the industrial added value of national industrial enterprises. S Copco's climate goal has attracted the attention of the United Nations

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Stockholm, Sweden, May 21, 2015: Atlas Copco is a leading provider of sustainable productivity solutions. Today, At the United Nations Climate Change Conference, the United Nations recognized the goal of Atlas Copco Group to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in products and operations

this week, the United Nations held a summit in Paris, France. The summit is a special forum. The thermal conductivity of commercial and vacuum insulation panels is absolutely the lowest among the existing insulation materials. Heads of government can take this forum to show their innovative and ambitious strategies in climate change. The convening of this summit is earlier than the UN climate change conference to be held in December 2015, which is of great significance, because the summit has confirmed some solutions that may have global influence and forward-looking strategies required for effective climate change. Atlas Copco plans to influence emissions through innovative energy-saving products and reducing emissions from the group's operations, which has been recognized by the United Nations

"a small amount of carbon emissions marks a major innovation, and the most influential thing we can do is to create energy-saving products," said Mala Chakraborti, vice president of Atlas Copco. "The United Nations has focused on our environmental goals, which we feel very honored. Our environmental goals can promote business development, create excellent operations and reduce the impact on the environment."

Atlas Copco's innovative energy-saving products include its variable speed compressor. Atlas Copco Group first introduced this technology in 1994. The selection of Rockwell hardness scale is shown in table 2-2, which enables the compressor to operate only at the required speed, thus saving energy consumption. In 2013, Atlas Copco launched the patented vsd+ technology, which can reduce energy consumption by more than half compared with traditional compressors. Another case is the road construction equipment within the group. The new roller of this equipment consumes only the required energy at any given service time, thereby reducing fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions

earlier this year, Atlas Copco was rated as one of the annual global top 100 companies with the most sustainable development. This ranking list will be published at the world economic forum in Davos, Switzerland, in recognition of enterprises that continuously improve productivity while using less resources. Atlas Copco ranks 23rd in the overall ranking, up from 46th last year, while Atlas Copco ranks first in the list of machinery industry

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