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The formulation of the evaluation index system of cleaner production in the packaging industry has been completed and needs to be implemented. The review meeting of the research on the evaluation index system of cleaner production in the packaging industry was held in the China Packaging Federation on August 21, 2006. Bi Junsheng, director of the Department of comprehensive utilization of environment and resources of the national development and Reform Commission, Yang Weimin, assistant to the president of China Packaging Federation, Wang Li, deputy secretary general and Minister of technological development, all staff of the indicator system and experts in the packaging industry attended the meeting. At the meeting, experts reviewed the index system

this topic was compiled by China Packaging Federation after half a year, entrusted by the Department of environment and resources comprehensive utilization of the national development and Reform Commission. In the process of compilation, with the strong support of local packaging associations, professional committees and member units, the compilation of the system was finally completed in August, 2006 through extensive consultation with experts and enterprises in the packaging industry, and on the basis of repeated research and calculation by some enterprises

Cleaner production is an environmental strategy aimed at comprehensive pollution prevention and an important means to achieve sustainable development. The Cleaner Production Promotion Law of the people's Republic of China, which came into force on January 1, 2003, clearly states that the State encourages and promotes cleaner production in order to improve the efficiency of resource utilization, reduce and avoid the generation of pollutants, protect and improve the environment, protect human health, and promote sustainable economic and social development

China's cleaner production index system is gradually developed and improved in the process of continuously improving the understanding of pollution, environment and cleaner production. At present, many industries have formulated corresponding cleaner production evaluation index systems, and domestic cleaner production indicators have basically achieved serialization

however, the establishment of cleaner production evaluation index system in China's packaging industry is in its infancy. Over the years, although China's packaging industry has continued to meet the economic growth mode characterized by supporting services for the production and development of other industries, the overall process technology and equipment level are uneven, and there are many aspects that should be improved during the "1025" and "1035" plans for energy conservation, consumption reduction, pollution reduction and comprehensive utilization of resources. Therefore, it is urgent to establish the "evaluation index system of cleaner production in packaging industry" to standardize the management and evaluation of cleaner production in the industry as a whole

this index system is based on the characteristics of the packaging industry, relevant standards and documents issued and implemented, relevant policies and regulations, and gb/t1 The impact testing machine industry is triggering a green revolution. 0 the requirements and regulations of the guidelines for Standardization Work Part 1: Rules for the preparation of cracks in the use process caused by the structure of standards and the general rules for the preparation of cleaner production evaluation index system in key industries; In the process of determining the system structure, selecting evaluation indicators, determining the weight value and evaluation benchmark value, fully consider the wide range of cleaner production and many indicators of enterprises in the packaging industry, and follow the whole process of product production cycle; Embody the idea of pollution prevention; Pay attention to the improvement of enterprises' awareness of ecological protection; Suitable for quantitative application; Based on the principles of convenient data collection and cohesion and relativity, it is established through research in the form of documents, on-site investigation and Expert Symposium. It is used to evaluate the clean production level of enterprises to maintain a good combination of machine base and cement foundation, and to provide technical support and guidance for enterprises to carry out cleaner production

according to the principles and requirements of cleaner production and the measurability of indicators, the indicator parameters of this indicator system are divided into quantitative evaluation indicators and qualitative evaluation indicators. The quantitative evaluation index selects representative indicators that can reflect the ultimate goal of cleaner production, such as "energy conservation", "consumption reduction", "pollution reduction" and "efficiency increase", and establishes an evaluation model. Through the calculation and scoring of the actual value of each index, the evaluation benchmark value and the weight value of the index, the status of cleaner production and the degree of cleaner production of the enterprise are comprehensively evaluated. Qualitative evaluation indicators are mainly selected according to the national industrial development and technological progress policies, resource and environmental protection policies and regulations related to the implementation of cleaner production, as well as the industrial development plan, and are used to qualitatively assess the compliance of enterprises with relevant policies and regulations and the implementation of cleaner production

quantitative indicators and qualitative indicators are divided into two levels: primary evaluation indicators and secondary evaluation indicators. The first level evaluation indicators are generally applicable and general indicators, including five indicators: resource and energy consumption, product characteristics, pollutant generation, comprehensive utilization of resources, and production environment, process and labor safety and health management. The level of these indicators will reflect the production process level, comprehensive utilization level of resources, pollutant generation and emission level, production environment Process and labor safety and health management level. The secondary evaluation indicators are specific, operable and verifiable indicators that represent the characteristics of cleaner production in the packaging industry under the primary evaluation indicators

this index system is applicable to packaging production enterprises with paper, plastic and metal as raw materials. Among them, paper packaging products refer to cardboard, corrugated cardboard, carton, carton, pulp molding, honeycomb cardboard and other paper packaging products produced with base paper and recycled paper as materials; Metal packaging products refer to two-piece cans, three piece cans, bottle caps, aerosol cans, steel drums, miscellaneous cans and other metal packaging products made of aluminum plates, steel plates and tinplate; Plastic packaging products refer to plastic hollow containers (including bottles, cups, barrels, boxes and trays), plastic packaging films (including biaxially stretched films, cast films, blown films and co extruded films), plastic woven products, foam packaging products, plastic sheets and composite packaging materials produced with plastic resins and additives as raw materials

due to the large number of categories of packaging products, this index system only incorporates the indicators of three categories of packaging products: paper packaging products, metal packaging products and plastic packaging products. In the future, it will be revised every 3-5 years, gradually improved and incorporated into the indicators of other categories

the establishment of this index system is conducive to the scientific summary, quantitative assessment and experience accumulation of cleaner production in enterprises, will promote the sustainable and effective development of cleaner production in the packaging industry, and is a meaningful attempt to promote cleaner production in China's packaging industry

at present, the China Packaging Federation has submitted the draft of "Research on cleaner production evaluation index system of packaging industry" to the Department of environment and resources of the national development and Reform Commission. After final approval, it will be fully implemented in the packaging industry

source: China Packaging Federation

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