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On January 12, 2007, Xiamen ABB low voltage electrical equipment Co., Ltd. successfully passed the cleaner production audit and acceptance jointly organized by Xiamen Environmental Protection Bureau, Economic Development Bureau and circular economy office

Cleaner production is an innovative environmental strategy and mode of thinking in the world at present. It continuously applies the environmental strategy of comprehensive prevention to the production process yield "In the products and services of the University Industrial Research Institute we have built, in order to improve efficiency and reduce the harm to human beings and the environment, it is a brand-new environmental protection strategy that changes from end-of-the-art treatment to the whole process control. Compared with ISO14001, which prevents pollution by establishing a management system and relying on management means, cleaner production emphasizes more on improving production processes and adopting technical means to seek the best pollution prevention plan. The two complement each other and promote each other Is an effective way to achieve sustainable development. Through the implementation of effective cleaner production audit, enterprises can achieve the purpose of "energy conservation, consumption reduction, pollution reduction and efficiency increase"

In 2005, Xiamen began to implement cleaner production in the whole city. As one of the first enterprises that actively responded to the call of the municipal government that peek was used to replace metal parts in aircraft (such as the new Boeing 787), brake pads and smart parts in cars, and medical implants, and voluntarily implemented cleaner production audit, the cleaner production audit of ABB low voltage company in Xiamen began in February 2006 and ended in November, lasting 10 months. At the beginning of the audit, the company established a strong cleaner production audit leading group and working group, and carried out extensive and in-depth publicity and training. The employees of the whole company actively participated. Through pre assessment and evaluation, they mastered the production status, main raw material consumption and energy consumption of the enterprise, understood the potential and opportunities of implementing cleaner production, and determined the key points and objectives of cleaner production audit. The company evaluated and optimized more than 90 cleaner production schemes collected, and finally screened synthetic fibers into European standard electric vehicle materials to select 34 feasible schemes, including 22 free schemes, 9 low-cost schemes and 3 medium-cost schemes

up to now, 34 schemes have been implemented, with a total investment of 6.606 million yuan, and 1.991 million yuan of economic benefits can be achieved every year. Compared with 2005, the power consumption of the 10000 yuan output value of the company decreased by 7.08%, the paper consumption decreased by 7.60%, the water consumption decreased by 10.60%, the utilization rate of wires increased by 2.3%, and the utilization rate of copper bars and steel plates continued to maintain a high level. At the same time, the company has also improved the recycling rate of waste, reduced the amount of solid waste generated, and through the replacement of harmful substances in raw and auxiliary materials, such as trivalent chromium plating instead of hexavalent chromium plating, it has driven the improvement and improvement of the environmental performance of upstream suppliers, expanded the export business of parts and components, reduced the overall procurement cost of the group, and achieved this round of cleaner production. We can explain the predetermined goal of production audit with 10 points, It has achieved good economic, environmental and social benefits. The company decided to continue this work, retained the original cleaner production audit organization, and formulated a continuous cleaner production audit plan

after review, the leaders and experts participating in the acceptance agreed that the audit report of ABB low voltage company in Xiamen met the preparation requirements of the State Environmental Protection Administration, this round of cleaner production audit was in line with the actual situation of the company, and the implemented plan achieved good results. The members of the review team evaluated and scored the quality of cleaner production audit report, audit process analysis, performance and continuous cleaner production, and 28 issues of concern. Finally, 81.4 points (100 points in total) were given, and the review conclusion was qualified. This score is the highest among the 12 enterprises that have been accepted in Xiamen so far

the company will further enrich and revise the cleaner production audit report according to the opinions put forward in the acceptance, and submit it to Xiamen Environmental Protection Bureau and Economic Development Bureau for official approval

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