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Wazhou group made a good start in January to ensure a high start in the first quarter

Wazhou group made a good start in January to ensure a high start in the first quarter

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at this time, the project of replacing seal ring export automobile bearings was fully launched, which was recognized by the majority of customers and widely used. Railway bearings with large axle loads began to be supplied in small quantities, The main shaft bearing of CNC vertical lathe, which replaces the import, has been installed by users. The 6.0mw main shaft bearing of wind power has passed the inspection test before operation. The research and development of double axis combined bearing has filled the domestic gap. In 2012, the bearing was developed into

the export automobile bearing project has been fully launched, and the railway bearings with large axle load have been supplied in small quantities. The main shaft bearings that replace the imported CNC vertical lathe have been installed in users. The 6.0mw main shaft bearings of wind power have passed the inspection and test before operation, and the research and development of double axis combined bearings has filled the domestic gap... A large number of high-end products successfully developed in 2012 have formed new economic growth points. In January this year, The total industrial output value of Wazhou group increased by 44.1% over the same period last year, and its production and operation achieved a good start

around the adjustment of product structure, Wazhou group used innovation to drive the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. In January, it completed the research and development of nearly 90 new products, and the development projects of high-end bearing products, process technology innovation projects, testing and application basic research projects were carried out in an all-round way. Railway bearings, steel series bearings, transmission series bearings must cut off the power supply, etc. all grew against the trend

the export market of Wazhou group has achieved a great leap, and fundamental changes have taken place in high-end products, host customers, batch size and so on. The company has established sales centers in India and Europe, developed the foreign vehicle market, and the bearing products of wind power, automobile and industrial equipment enter the main engine supporting market of large foreign companies

at present, Wazhou group is accelerating the implementation of structural adjustment. Production sites such as precision technology and manufacturing industrial park and high-end manufacturing industrial park are booming everywhere. Employees are working hard to catch up with users' urgently needed products to ensure a high start in the first quarter

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