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The sharp weapon of automobile manufacturing industry from big to strong

China's automobile industry has grown from scratch, from small to large, and finally has become the world's largest country in production and marketing. Not only that, China's sustained and rapid economic growth and increasing consumption capacity of durable goods also make China a key market segment for the application of advanced technology in the automotive industry. Therefore, insiders pointed out that China's automobile industry is in a critical period from quantitative change to qualitative change. The development of the information system architecture of the automotive industry will become an important support system for the slightly rising automotive enterprises in the automotive and marine market from bigger to stronger

in fact, China's 12th Five Year Plan has clearly stated that China's automotive industry will take a big and strong path. How to strengthen the automotive industry will become the focus of enterprise transformation and development in the industry, and the strengthening of the automotive industry is closely related to the depth and breadth of automotive informatization and intelligence. Industry insiders believe that in the future, the level of automotive informatization will become an important indicator of the quality of automobiles based on the original research and pilot study of technology, with universities and scientific research institutes in the alliance as the main quantity. The construction of a car coupling system based on the organic integration of sensor technology, communication technology, data processing technology, network technology, automatic control technology, information release technology and other technologies will be the trend of the automotive industry towards informatization The specific direction of intelligent development

where the general trend is

in fact, it will lead to abnormal operation of machines. Even the most conservative people have to admit that up to now, the automobile industry has been far from being a traditional means of transportation. With the rapid development of modern automotive industry technology and electronic technology, intelligent and information-based service applications such as on-board navigation, location application, mobile communication, intelligent office, safety protection, remote management and fault remote diagnosis are constantly being loaded into cars, and cars are becoming more and more information-based and intelligent

undoubtedly, automotive informatization is the trend of the development of the automotive industry, pushing the digitalization of automobiles from individuals to the networking of groups. Relying on the new generation of communication network, the intelligent network driving system carried by intelligent vehicles realizes the interconnection applications such as information retrieval, real-time road navigation, electronic road book, stock trading and community communication, and opens the domestic automobile network interconnection information age

it can be said that how to judge the quality of a car in the future automotive market, the degree of informatization will be an important factor to consider, and the application of car couplets in the automotive industry will be gradually popularized in the future

in addition, in terms of actual demand, China, which has achieved the largest production and marketing country, must have its own independent new technology in order to become an automobile power. This is the need for Chinese auto enterprises to cope with fierce market competition, and also the need for them to go global and improve the level of international cooperation

in this regard, domestic vehicle enterprises are relatively early layout. The report shows that at the end of the 11th Five Year Plan period, except for the newly launched auto enterprises, most Chinese auto enterprises have built the basic management framework of enterprise resource informatization with ERP system, and effectively managed the main links such as finance, planning, procurement, production and delivery. In order to cope with the changing market, automobile enterprises have also emerged a large number of needs for fine management in strategy, business and management mode. In addition, in recent years, the upstream and downstream related industries of the automotive industry have also entered a period of intensive development, and software service providers and telecom operators have begun to layout, looking forward to benefiting from it. In the future, smart cars will not only enrich the original automotive industry chain, but also may even give birth to an independent industry chain that declares that China is a peaceful lion when visiting abroad

It is worth noting that enterprise informatization is not just a simple it application and software implementation. The purpose of enterprise informatization is to comprehensively promote enterprise innovation and enhance enterprise competitiveness. In this regard, Jin Daren, a famous information technology expert in China, once wrote that the automotive industry is a typical clustered industrial chain system, and collaboration, trust, reorganization and integration are the key to the establishment and development of this system

therefore, the goal and connotation of the future informatization of the automotive industry is to set out from the perspective of the cluster industrial chain, integrate modern R & D technology, manufacturing technology, management technology, automation technology, integration technology and information technology, and build a multi-level collaborative R & D system, networked collaborative manufacturing system and supply chain collaborative business system through the reorganization of enterprise business models and business processes, So as to drive the innovation of automobile R & D mode and design concept, automobile manufacturing mode and method, automobile business mode and business process, industrial chain collaborative business mode and trust mechanism

on the issue of how to achieve the strategic goal of informatization in the automotive industry, Jin Daren stressed that first of all, we should strengthen the awareness of enterprise subject, and then we should formulate the Informatization Plan of all enterprises in the automotive industry. He pointed out that CEOs and CIOs should fully realize that western industrial countries promote informatization on the basis of remarkable achievements in industrialization, while China promotes informatization while promoting industrialization. Therefore, it is very necessary to increase the integration of informatization and industrialization, and really implement it

in any case, in order to win the competition in the future, automotive informatization is the general trend, and more and more automotive enterprises will enter the deep sea of automotive informatization, which will also be the outline of the country

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