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Wafangdian Bearing Group: "turning the future on the commanding height" Guide: on November 18, with the drizzle of early winter, I came to Wafangdian Bearing Group Co., Ltd., the award-winning enterprise of China Industrial awards, and walked into the Wafangdian precision technology and manufacturing industrial park. The machine tool is flying, the trial production of new products is in progress, and the products urgently needed in the market are ready to be installed. Being in this place with

on November 18, accompanied by the drizzle in early winter, I came to Wafangdian Bearing Group Co., Ltd., the award-winning enterprise of China Industrial awards, and walked into the axle precision technology and manufacturing industrial park

the machine tool is flying, the trial production of new products is in progress, and the products urgently needed in the market are ready to be installed... Being in this old state-owned enterprise with a history of more than 70 years, no matter in technology and products, management and services, you will always feel the innovative concept and dedication of Wazhou people

in front of a group of representative exhibition booths of various bearing products, Cong Hong, Secretary of the Party committee and vice chairman of the Wazhou group, counted the key development process of the Wazhou group -

on average, he is expanding the field of bearing supporting at the speed of three new products every day, undertakes more than 20 national key projects and major equipment supporting projects every year, and has successfully developed more than 2000 high-tech products with independent intellectual property rights, Improve the supporting capacity of key technology and equipment in 12 key areas to more than 80%, and bring more than 20billion yuan of direct economic benefits to China's industrial enterprises every year...

nowadays, the bearing shaft has developed from a single bearing manufacturing plant to a national innovative enterprise with technical solutions. The comprehensive technology development ability has represented the highest level of China's bearing industry, and its mastery of bearing design, manufacturing The testing of key core technologies such as the supply and demand gap of refined oil is very large, which represents that China's bearings participate in international competition. At present, the bearing shaft has become the largest bearing manufacturing enterprise in China, ranking eighth in the world

implement the "commanding height" strategy, Future industry of bearing rotation in China

"As the pacesetter in China's bearing industry, we should undertake the important task of supporting bearings for the country's development of equipment manufacturing industry, aim at the world's advanced level, develop high-end market, develop high-tech, occupy high-end customers, achieve import substitution, and enter the world shaft. This can ensure the performance and use effect of instruments, and bear the top six in the industry. This is also the 'commanding height' strategy fully implemented by Wazhou group during the 12th Five Year Plan period." Cong Hong indicates

for a long time, most of the high-grade bearings supporting major equipment in China rely on imports and are restricted by foreign countries, which restricts the development of China's equipment manufacturing industry to a certain extent. Focusing on the supporting bearings in the country's 16 major technical equipment fields and the development of wind power equipment bearings urgently needed by the country for clean energy, the "high-end market, high-end products, high-end manufacturing" has been implemented, and a number of technological innovation projects have been carried out in Wazhou group

in the new energy industry, the petrochemical industry, the iron and steel industry, the mining and coal industry, the rail transit industry, the machine tool industry and precision equipment industry, the shipbuilding, port machinery, marine engineering fields... A number of key technologies have been broken through by tile axis people, foreign technology and price monopoly have been broken, and the overall procurement cost of China's iron and steel industry has decreased, with high speed, high precision High reliability bearings have been successfully applied to major national equipment...

during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, the bearing shaft took the lead in developing a complete set of wind power products to replace imported products, forcing the price of imported bearings from 2.1 million yuan per unit to 600000 yuan. This alone, the social benefits created by the bearing shaft reached 11billion yuan

Sun Maolin, the deputy general manager in charge of the company's scientific research, said that in order to improve the scientific and technological content of products, the group has invested more than 5% in science and technology every year and established a scientific and technological talent training echelon. The national large-scale bearing engineering technology research center and the national bearing product testing center have started construction. The group has made breakthroughs in wind power bearings in the new energy industry, and has become the largest manufacturer of wind power bearings in China

at the wind turbine bearing Research Institute, sunzhensheng, a 36 year old female director, is leading her team in the research and development of new projects. We can see that this 8-member R & D team is "post-80s generation", which can be said to be the youngest wind power R & D team in China, but they are "veterans" in the "battlefield" of the wind power bearing industry

they have successfully developed the first set of 1.5MW wind turbine pitch bearings in China, the first 3.0MW offshore wind turbine pitch bearings and yaw bearings in China, and completed the research and development of the main shaft bearings of the first MW wind turbine in China, especially the first 3.0MW offshore wind turbine main shaft bearings in China, and achieved mass supply...

in sunzhensheng's words, at the wind turbine bearing Research Institute, Everyone carries the burden of the company's wind power bearing development on their shoulders, but the innovative atmosphere and platform built by the Wazhou shaft over the years enable the "post-80s" young players in the Institute to talk and laugh bravely in the face of high pressure, and to persevere in the face of the success or failure of the market

the research and development of wind power bearing has created huge economic benefits for the bearing, and the company's annual sales revenue of wind power bearing reaches more than 1billion yuan. Sun Zhensheng told that now they have begun to research and develop 6-megawatt wind turbine bearings, which means that Wazhou group will account for 0.01N accuracy grade in the field of supporting bearings for wind turbines, accuracy: better than ± 1% of the indicated value, measurement range: 2%~100%, measurement accuracy: better than ± 1% of the indicated value, resolution: 0.01mm, speed: 1mm/min ~ 500mm/min stepless speed regulation according to the international high point

"in the industrial field, where there is rotation, there will be bearings. Use Chinese bearings to rotate China's future, and let the bearing shaft support and promote the rapid development of national industry!" At the end of the interview, the confident words of Shaoyang, executive director of the group company and general manager of the joint stock company, still lingered in my ears

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