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Wcbd300 fixed stabilized soil plant mixing equipment

wcbd300 fixed stabilized soil is divided into two compartment and three compartment plant mixing equipment, which is composed of aggregate feeder and mixing conveyor. It has its own water tank, which integrates grading, metering and such processes, which have long been approved by FDA, and can be used for transportation, mixing, lifting, storage and other operations for medical purposes. The equipment adopts electronic metering, with automatic adjustment compensation and automatic alarm functions. Various materials have independent metering systems, with high precision and reliable performance. It adopts computer control technology, and has management functions such as production accumulation, data query and printing. The equipment is equipped with a material breaking alarm device and a vibrating grid, which can solve the problems of shortage of materials, white ash and fly ash. The mixing part adopts the technology of forced mixer without lining plate, which reduces the faults such as blade wear, blocking and blocking, blade hard damage and so on. The equipment has strong adaptability to materials (all kinds of sand, stone and soil materials), many grading types, high reliability, simple operation, compact structure, reasonable layout, convenient clearing, accurate measurement, uniform mixing, and good overall performance. It is an ideal equipment for the production of high-grade highway foundation stabilized soil

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