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W+d held a seminar on envelope printing quality.

Winkler and D ü nebier are the major manufacturers of envelope and envelope manufacturing equipment in the world. From January to February 2001, the company organized and held an international industry special report - "Symposium on envelope flexographic printing quality in the new millennium". At the request of the participants, two meetings in two different languages were organized, one in English and the other in German. More than 100 representatives from 13 countries attended the meeting. At the meeting, a wide range of topics were discussed, including the current and future market trends of flexographic printing envelopes and envelopes, the possibility of high-quality prints, and technological conditions. Many representatives from well-known manufacturers spoke and introduced their products. These companies include not only envelope printing manufacturers, which are larger than those producing aerospace aluminum alloy plate and strip, prepress companies, but also flexographic plate manufacturers, ink manufacturers, paper suppliers and machinery manufacturers. In the envelope printing industry, is it better to choose flexo printing or offset printing? It is necessary to compare the cost and quality level of these two processes, which is a very important and basic work, especially in the field of direct mail market with high quality requirements and rapid growth rate. At the seminar, the delegates expressed their views, analyzed and discussed the advantages and disadvantages of the two processes, and explained in detail the parameters and their impact on the quality of printed matter. The organizer also showed the delegates a new type of central imprinting (satellite) printing machine - MaxiFlex, which has good flexibility and high product quality, and can meet the various needs of flexo online processing without moving up and down. This Ci (center imprinting) printer is very suitable for Helios 627, 202 and 102 devices, as well as large format Helios 341 and 249. The equipment adopts a temperature controlled embossing cylinder; There is a hot air drying system between the color groups; Moreover, after drying, it is cooled by the cooling roller to "finalize the treatment" of the printed matter. The flexibility of the equipment is also relatively strong. The suitable substrate material can be coated paper or offset paper; The replacement of live parts can be completed in a few minutes; In addition, it is suitable for the printing of water-based ink and alcohol solvent ink. In addition, because the ink transfer mechanism of the equipment (including plate cylinder, embossing roller, closed scraper system, hose system and ink pump) is relatively simple, it can ensure that the ink replacement task can be completed very quickly. The equipment left a deep impression on the delegates, especially its fast "live parts replacement" function, which made the delegates marvel. In addition, the participants' response to this flexographic printing symposium was also very good, which further prompted w+d company to strengthen its confidence and prepare to hold similar activities frequently in the future to meet the broader needs of the letter seal industry due to the large tooth side clearance of the inner and outer rotors

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