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Wazhou group: continuously accumulate development momentum in independent innovation

Wazhou group: continuously accumulate development momentum in independent innovation

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Guide: in recent years, Wazhou group has made great efforts to carry out product structure, market structure adjustment and independent innovation with the goal of building a large bearing group with international competitiveness, won opportunities and advantages in the market, and accumulated development strength in innovation, Accumulated development experience in adjustment and created

therefore, in recent years, with the goal of building a large bearing group with international competitiveness, Wazhou group has vigorously carried out product structure, market structure adjustment and independent innovation, won opportunities and advantages in the market, accumulated development forces in innovation, accumulated development experience in adjustment, and created strength and conditions for rapid development in transformation, It has the ability to systematically solve the needs of supporting bearings for the development of equipment manufacturing industry and undertake supporting bearings for national large-scale engineering projects

independent innovation breaks the blockade of foreign technology

Wazhou group has always adhered to the path of independent innovation and scientific development, constantly improved the technological innovation system, improved the innovation ability of enterprises, developed a large number of bearing products urgently needed in key areas of national economic construction, and improved the overall equipment level and manufacturing level. The company has the only national large-scale bearing engineering technology research center in China's bearing industry, a national optimistic state technology center, and a bearing product testing center recognized by the National Laboratory Certification Committee. Its comprehensive technology development ability ranks among the top 30 in the national machinery industry, representing the technology research and development ability and product manufacturing level of China's bearing industry

after years of technology deposition, the company has preliminarily mastered the core key technologies of bearing research and development, carried out multi-disciplinary basic research on bearing structural mechanics, materials science, lubrication and friction, vibration and noise, reliability test, mastered the high-end bearing design, manufacturing and testing technology supporting major technical equipment, and developed a bearing design analysis and computer simulation test system with independent intellectual property rights, It has built five product test platforms for wind power generation, rail transit, large equipment, automobiles, machine tools, etc., and solved the core technology of high speed, high precision, long life and sealing lubrication in the application of bearings in multiple test projects: static load, tension, contraction, zigzag, shear, peeling and other mechanical properties. It has developed from a single bearing manufacturing plant to an innovative enterprise with technical solutions

the company has participated in the national "973" plan high-end bearing technology research project, and there are 7 Chinese workers in related fields in China. 1 Academicians of the verification project engineering academy and 30 experts and scholars joined the bearing technology research and development team. The company will rely on the 973 project team to establish technical standards for supporting high-end bearings in the field of equipment manufacturing, develop supporting products in the field of high-end manufacturing, and provide supporting facilities for the completion of key equipment developed in the national "12th Five Year Plan"

through industrial upgrading, the company has comprehensively improved the accuracy standard and service life standard of bearing products, solved many common technical problems that perplex the development of bearing industry, and has undertaken more than 200 national and industrial standards, driving the technological progress and industrial upgrading of the whole bearing industry. The company took the lead in developing new materials such as wind turbine bearings, railway bearings and high-precision rolling mill bearings that meet different working conditions with iron and steel enterprises, so that special steel production enterprises have expanded product varieties, promoted the improvement of China's special steel level, and led to the development of the whole industry

product innovation promotes structural adjustment

bearing group company has undertaken the research and development of supporting bearings for a number of national large-scale engineering projects with the breakthrough of the research and development of supporting bearings for major technical equipment in 16 key areas. Focusing on the supporting bearings in the field of national major technical equipment, more than 3400 kinds of imported high-precision bearings urgently needed by the national equipment manufacturing industry have been successfully developed in the past three years, of which 30% have filled the domestic gap, and 90% have reached the international advanced level

in the process of all previous large speed increases and heavy loads of China's railways, the products developed by the bearing are the first to be used every time, which has made a contribution to promoting the leapfrog development of China's railway industry. At present, 1.8 million sets of ZWZ railway bearings are running safely every day. The hub bearings of 8-180 ton heavy-duty trucks have been developed in series for China's automobile industry, which strongly supports China's trucks to become the world's largest country. At present, more than 40% of the heavy-duty trucks running all over the country are equipped with bearing pads. For China's petrochemical industry, it has developed bearings for large-scale offshore oil engineering equipment 300000 tons of ore and crude oil transportation ships, developed 12000 meter deep well drilling rig turntable bearings, and developed 200000 tons of ethylene granulator series thrust bearings. The supporting bearings of various high-speed wire rod mills, cold-rolled sheet mills, stainless steel and silicon steel mills, and wide and heavy plate mills have been developed for China's iron and steel industry, realizing the localization of supporting parts of major equipment in the iron and steel industry

for many years, Wazhou group has been an excellent enterprise and demonstration enterprise of technological innovation in Dalian, Liaoning Province and the country. In the past three years, the company has obtained 20 scientific research achievements above the provincial and ministerial level, and applied for 148 technical patents, including 75 invention patents. In 2011, the company won the commendation award of China Industrial award, and in 2012, it was recognized as a national technological innovation demonstration enterprise by the Ministry of industry and information technology

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