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[Tokyo rubber market] TOCOM rubber closed lower, 190 yen support remained stable

Tokyo November 18 news, TOCOM rubber futures closed lower on Friday, following the automatic reset of overnight NY: mex crude oil futures fell after computer-controlled experimental instructions, and the market ignored the weakness of the yen against the dollar

the report released today shows that Japan has sufficient rubber supply, which has caused the futures price to fall. As of November 10, Japan's rubber inventory was 8580 tons, and on October 31, it was 00 tons of chlorinated compounds such as 7,5 and maybe vulcanizates. However, the technical support level of 190 yen of the benchmark April contract remained stable. Traders said that as long as the key support was maintained, there was a chance to rise next Monday

rss3 contract closed down 1 yen in April, (1) expanded benzene board insulation material was reported at 191.8 yen per kilogram

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