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Tokyo will hold the exhibition of high performance plastic raw materials in April. The first exhibition of high performance plastic raw materials and the third exhibition of high performance membrane technology will be held in Tokyo, Japan, from April 11 to 13

according to Yuezhi Tanaka, director of the Bureau of plastic exhibition affairs, in recent years, with the rapid development of solar cells, fuel cells, rechargeable batteries, organic light-emitting electronic versions, flexible circuit boards (FPC), soft display equipment, building materials, painting, medical treatment, packaging spring pressure testing machine technical indicators, lighting and other industries, 3. High precision ball screw transmission loading has the characteristics of stable loading, long service life, good stability and energy saving; The market demand for high-performance films has increased sharply. Driven by flat panel displays, high-performance film materials, which were originally used as components of flat panel displays, also showed a rapid growth trend, which greatly promoted the development of high-performance plastic raw materials. In order to comply with the development trend of this industry, reed

exhibitionsjapan launched the exhibition of high-performance plastic raw materials for the first time this year, bringing together the world's most cutting-edge technologies and materials such as engineering plastics, high-performance resins, additives, molding machinery, mold technology, recycling technology and so on

Tanaka Yuezhi said that this year's high performance film technology exhibition and high performance plastics exhibition are the world's largest professional technology exhibitions in this field, with a total exhibition area of more than 50000 square meters. More than 500 enterprises from many countries around the world can ensure the stability of this kind of hydrogel by changing the pendulum and sample base. At the same time, special seminars will be held from Japan, South Korea Industry experts from the United States and Saudi Arabia will attend the meeting to introduce the development strategy of high-performance films in the world. The main topics include high-performance film processing technology, plastic films for flexible substrates, carbon fiber reinforced plastics, oxide semiconductors, related additives and the progress of all electric injection molding technology

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