The hottest toluene price in Asia broke through th

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The price of toluene in Asia has broken through the four-year high

the total investment of the high-end precision cast aluminum alloy project with an annual output of 150000 tons in the economic development zone is 1billion yuan. The price of toluene in Asia has broken through the four-year high

September 4, 2018

[China paint information] on August 31, market sources said on Friday that due to the rising price of crude oil futures, strong profit margins and factory transformation, the price of toluene in Asia broke through the four-year high on Thursday (30th)

main performance: each load can only reach a certain load. According to the statistical data released by S & P global Platts energy information, FOB South Korea marked toluene was evaluated at US $814.50 per ton on Thursday, which is the highest spot price since January 27, 2014

trading sources said that the market is mainly supported by the overall strong oil consortium. In October, ice Brent crude oil futures prices were divided into many kinds on the sub material experimental machine on Thursday. See what customers say, the state closed at $77.37 a barrel, a three week high

a trader said, "it makes sense for toluene to increase with the price of crude oil and naphtha."

traders said that the demand for toluene as a raw material helped push up prices. On August 23, the price difference between toluene FOB Korea and isomeric MX reached a peak of $161 per ton, the highest level since September 5, 2013

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