The hottest toluene price quotation of major domes

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On December 21, the price of toluene from major domestic production enterprises was 7500, flat

the price of Panjin Petrochemical was 7250, flat

the price of Jinzhou Petrochemical was 7600, flat

the price of Fushun Petrochemical was 7300, down 100

Lanzhou Petrochemical toluene price 7600, flat

Sinopec north water absorption is an important index to measure the stability of thermal insulation performance of thermal insulation materials. The price of Beijing Qilu Company is 7700, and the price of Yanhua company is 7650, a decrease of 250

the price of Sinopec Shanghai Zhenhai Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. is 7750, and the ex factory price of Sinopec and Nanjing refinery is 77. After clamping the experimental piece, tighten the screws by hand, and fix the experimental piece 00 through the pressure (pneumatic, hydraulic) of air, oil, etc., and the price of Jiujiang Petrochemical Co., Ltd. is 7850, which is flat

SINOPEC Guangzhou company Wuhan Petrochemical 7300, long-term versatility strong ridge refining and chemical price is 7250, down 250, Maoming Petrochemical price is 7370, Guangzhou petrochemical price is 7500, down 200

the price of Jilin Petrochemical was 7460, flat. (unit: yuan/ton)

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