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Tokyo Wenhong machinery has been authorized with four utility model patents

four utility model patents of Shenzhen Tokyo Wenhong Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. have been authorized, and another invention patent is being publicized

Tokyo Wenhong has always paid attention to product innovation and improvement. There are few waste plastic recycling plants, and it also hopes to protect the independent intellectual property rights of enterprises through legal channels. In the second half of 2011, Tokyo Wenhong successively applied for four utility model patents, namely, "a box pasting machine and its automatic snap device", "a box pasting machine and its claw correction device", "a box pasting machine and its plate moving driving device", "a preloading and pre cutting device of a new fully automatic window pasting machine". At present, these four patents have been authorized

in addition, the invention "a new type of fully automatic window pasting machine and its method to solve the wire burst" applied by Tokyo Wenhong is being publicized, waiting for the final confirmation of the right

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