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Tollgrade and lantiq provide a new generation of DSL testing for IP networks

the industry's first end-to-end solution, leading a new era of high-speed DSL network testing functions

tollgrade Communications Co., Ltd. and Lingte recently announced that the two companies have formed an alliance to launch the industry's best, seamless and standardized next generation network (NGN) line testing solution for broadband operators. This scheme combines lantiq's melt chipset with tollgrade's loopcare operation support system (OSS) software, enabling telecom companies to migrate proven testing expertise to the needs of new all IP networks

tollgrade's loopcare software is combined with lantiq's industry-leading metal line testing (melt) technology to enable broadband service providers to achieve seamless DSL testing, which starts with the chip and ends with tollgrade's reliable fault diagnosis and analysis software

half of the existing broadband lines currently in use are tested with tollgrade OSS software, while more than 30million shipped melt lines use lantiq chipsets (which represents almost all deployed IP based DSL lines). With this partnership, customers can benefit greatly from the market leading know-how of the two companies when migrating to the next generation network to improve DSL performance


Edward h. Kennedy, President and CEO of tollgrade communications, commented that China is still in the stage of in-depth development of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization: This is a world driven by high-speed data. As broadband service providers launch NGN networks, they are bound to not give up the testing capabilities that the industry has embraced as the standard over the past two decades. With this solution, we will enable broadband service providers to continue to invest in new DSL networks

johannes eiblmeier, vice president of lantiq and head of voice and telecommunications products business line, said: as broadband service providers continue to transform their network infrastructure to NGN architecture, it is extremely important to launch efficient and seamless integrated line test software and chipsets. With lantiq's melt chipset, operators can complete PSTN level line testing even in all IP networks. The single architecture for voice and data transmission requires accurate measurement of IP based networks, which can be directly completed, analyzed and processed through the products provided by lantiq/tollgrade

important advantages of this cooperation:

the joint scheme from tollgrade and lantiq can eliminate the need to compromise speed in order to test accuracy, which enables broadband service providers to confidently build their NGN without losing the automation, accuracy and practicality required by customer service and maintenance institutions

when turning to the new DSL network, Mel, which is the market leader, should make up the experiment with t chipset and tollgrade loopcare OSS software so that the investment will not become obsolete

this solution integrates lantiq's accurate and cost-effective multi-channel melt technology, adopts vinetic-ltc128 plus smart slic-t16/mlt16 chipset, and provides automated testing with the help of tollgrade's loopcare

the precise line and loop testing function enables broadband service providers to monitor sound quality and network stability in real time. SEBS foaming materials will not affect the main characteristics of rail longitudinal tension and compression testing machine when foaming out of mold

melt is part of ITU g.996.2 standard and supports all xDSL series such as VDSL2, adsl2+ and SHDSL

presentation at the broadband World Forum held on October, 2014

tollgrade and lantiq rehearsed their DSL test function on the C10 booth of the broadband World Forum, which was held at the rai Exhibition Convention Center in Amsterdam. The two companies invited the industry, the media and the public to visit the exhibition of this integrated software/hardware solution

about lantiq

lantiq is a leading provider of broadband access and home networking technology, which provides a diverse and innovative semiconductor product portfolio for the next generation of networking and digital home. For more information about lantiq, please log in to our website, or follow us through Twitter and Youtube

about the successful experience of tollgrade

with more than 200million tested lines, avoiding millions of minutes of electrical faults every year, and finding faults for the world's largest power supply company and communication service provider in the past 25 years, tollgrade is redefining the global standard of reliability Tollgrade's award-winning fault detection hardware and predictive analysis software are widely deployed on four continents to help broadband service providers repair network outages and reduce customer downtime. In 2014, tollgrade was recognized as a finalist in the outstanding test and measurement award of lightreading's leading lights award, and won the Stevie Award for new telecom products at the U.S. business awards

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