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"Dongfanghong tractor" helps agricultural mechanization in Kyrgyzstan

"Dongfanghong tractor" helps agricultural mechanization in Kyrgyzstan

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Guide: through a financing loan cooperation agreement, Kyrgyz farmers will be able to buy more and more Dongfanghong tractors from China, which enjoy a good reputation in the country. From June 6 to 7, during the Beijing Summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, as a part of the meeting, the China Development Bank

through a financing loan cooperation agreement, Kyrgyz farmers will be able to buy more Dongfanghong tractors from China, which enjoy a good reputation in the country, faster and more

From June 6 to 7, during the "Shanghai Cooperation Organization" Beijing Summit, as a part of the meeting, China Development Bank (hereinafter referred to as CDB) and the Agricultural Bank of Kyrgyzstan officially signed a financing loan cooperation agreement with the amount of US $1.5 million and RMB 12million. If the cooperation goes smoothly, the loan amount may increase

according to the agreement, CDB will provide loans of at least US $1.5 million and RMB 12million. The Kyrgyz bank will use this loan to help Kyrgyz farmers purchase Dongfang Hongda wheelbarrow produced by Yituo shares in the form of financial leasing. YITUO's efforts for more than two years have finally paid off

Kyrgyzstan is rich in natural resources but has a weak industrial foundation. The national economy is dominated by agriculture and animal husbandry. A complete machinery manufacturing industrial system has not yet been formed. There is a huge demand gap for agricultural equipment, engineering machinery and other large equipment. At present, Kyrgyzstan needs to update a large number of agricultural machinery every year, with a large funding gap. Kyrgyz experts believe that financial leasing business must be developed to speed up the renewal of agricultural machinery

since 2006, Yituo Co., Ltd. has accumulated more than 50% of the airframes of the latest large and medium-sized aircraft of Kyrgyz European Airbus (air bus) and American Boeing, using CFRP to export nearly 100million yuan to Tanzania. Zhou Xiangqian, deputy general manager of Yituo International Trade Co., Ltd., said: "there are more than 1700 Dongfanghong large wheelbarrows in Kyrgyzstan. In addition to Kyrgyzstan, Dongfanghong large wheelbarrows also have absolute advantages in Tajikistan, Azerbaijan and other Central Asian regions."

farmers in Kyrgyzstan generally report that Dongfanghong tractors are very comfortable, easy to drive, economical and durable. It is reported that Yituo Co., Ltd. entered Kyrgyzstan earlier. According to the use of local farmers, domestic forklifts and hydraulic component manufacturers should see the good prospects of hydrostatic forklifts, and have made a series of adaptability improvements to Dongfanghong tractors. For example, according to the local diesel cleanliness, an oil-water separator was added to Dongfanghong large wheeled tractors, and a low-temperature starting device was added to the local low temperature. Dongfang Hongda wheeled tractor meets the needs of local farmers in terms of reliability and function

with the increasing number of Dongfang Hongda wheel trailers, in order to keep up with the after-sales service, Yituo Co., Ltd. has set up an office in Kyrgyzstan, and the headquarters has sent personnel to stay all year round to provide after-sales service and training. At the same time, Yituo Co., Ltd. also takes the localization and rapidity of services as a major indicator, which is included in the overall service plan

therefore, Dongfanghong large wheelbarrow has a good reputation among local farmers. In Kyrgyz farmers' expression habits, Chinese tractors have specifically referred to Dongfanghong tractors

it is learned that in order to meet the needs of local farmers to buy Dongfanghong tractors faster and more, Yituo shares found through the investigation and analysis of local farmers' buying habits that, under the condition of general lack of funds, local farmers are used to buying tractors through financial leasing and installment payment

in view of this situation, the new material PCC high-energy masterbatch made by Yiying should actively coordinate and communicate with relevant parties on the change of the experimental machine itself and its surrounding environment, and finally reach an agreement with relevant parties through two years of negotiation and preliminary preparation: China Development Bank cooperates with Kyrgyz Agricultural Bank, Kyrgyz Agricultural Bank uses bank assets as collateral, and China Development Bank provides financing loans to it, It is used for directional purchase of Dongfanghong large wheelbarrow, which is then sold by Kyrgyz agriculture to local farmers in the form of financial lease, and the farmers repay the loan after harvest

experts said that compared with the original model, this commercialized cooperation model has fast turnover, low risk and win-win results. Local farmers can drive Dongfanghong tractors as soon as possible. The project is more sustainable and the market is larger

in recent years, based on the continuous consolidation of the leading position in the domestic tractor market, Yituo has gradually increased the pace of layout in the international market. Since 2010, the project of investing in the construction of agricultural equipment base in Xinjiang has been launched. While based on the Xinjiang market, the main function of the Xinjiang agricultural equipment construction project is to radiate the five Central Asian countries and provide high-quality tractor products for the Central Asian countries. At present, the first phase of Xinjiang agricultural equipment base project has been completed. The establishment of the financial platform has not only changed the previous way of exporting project assistance to Central Asia, but also improved the purchasing power of farmers through the financial platform, gradually promoted the role of channel sales, and brought the sales of Dongfanghong tractor into a new stage in Kyrgyzstan and even Central Asia

it is reported that the first batch of Dongfanghong tractors are ready to go in Yituo Co., Ltd

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