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Dongfeng Citroen C4 Sega Yuexin edition was launched on September 2. As the basis of Dongfeng Citroen's sincerity, C4 Sega Yuexin edition was officially launched at Chengdu auto show, with an official guidance price of 111800 yuan. C4 Sega Yuexin version is equipped with a "golden displacement" 1.6L CVVT engine and a five speed 115mm wide manual and six speed manual automatic transmission. A total of four models are available for consumers to choose. On September 2, the C4 Sega Yuexin version, which is a material with great elongation as the sincerity of Dongfeng Citroen, was officially listed in Chengdu auto show, with the official guidance price starting from 111800 yuan. C4 Sega Yuexin version is equipped with a gold displacement 1.6L CVVT engine and a five speed manual and six speed manual automatic transmission. A total of four models are available for consumers to choose from

it is understood that C4 Sega, which was launched in November last year, has won many awards in the industry while being favored by the market and consumers with its balanced design of function and aesthetics, efficient and economical powertrain, humanized intelligent technology and leading safety protection at the same level. Among them, the equipped 1.2thp turbocharged direct injection engine and 1.6thp turbocharged direct injection engine have won the international annual engine awards for many times respectively. In addition, adhering to the design concept of leapfrog safety and green health, C4 Sega won the five stars of C-NCAP and the highest honor white gold medal of c-ecap in July this year. So far, in order to meet the higher pursuit of Chinese consumers for quality of life and travel safety, C4 Sega Yuexin edition has further enhanced the overall competitiveness of C4 Sega based on the existing high-level performance of the product, with a richer configuration combination and a rather people-friendly price

compared with C4 Sega 1.6L CVVT, Yuexin focuses on integrating safety assurance and practical technology into all aspects of the car. It has added 7-inch color screen intelligent dash cam (720p), 7-inch color real-time intelligent navigation, on-board Internet service (including free traffic), intelligent wireless mapping (including two-way control), high-definition video playback and other configurations, trying to create a safe and more secure driving life for consumers. At the same time, it has also been beautified in appearance. The plating strip decoration added at the lower grille makes the vehicle more classy

strength upgrade

Sega Yuexin edition integrates active security, passive security, honor security and cloud security, bringing consumers all-round reinforced security care

with the rapid growth of urban car ownership, various traffic accidents such as scratching and porcelain bumping are emerging one after another. Don't worry. The C4 Sega joy edition has a new weapon, the 7-inch color screen intelligent dash cam (720p) that comes with it, so that all dilemmas can be followed

the rise of on-board interconnection technology has undoubtedly provided another shot in the arm for driving safety. On the basis of the traditional on-board Internet system, C4 Sega Yuexin edition has added services such as remote viewing of vehicle position, driving behavior record and query, mileage record and analysis to help drivers master the changes of vehicle conditions in real time and spend every journey in peace of mind

free your hands, and you can say goodbye to dangerous driving. Should the inner sample be quenched? The newly added Intelligent Cloud voice control system of C4 Sega Yuexin Edition: users can dial, play music and other operations only by orally issuing instructions. With the purpose of keeping eyes on the road and hands on the disk, a gentleman can really keep his mouth shut

in addition, the C4 Sega space capsule type high-strength energy absorbing body, full protection 6 airbag and other passive safety configurations, together with the active safety configurations such as Bosch's ninth generation ESP electronic stability system and the anti slip vehicle artifact 0 slope sense intelligent ramp auxiliary system, which are standard in the whole series, have set up a solid high warning line for the C4 Sega Yuexin version, so that the passion can never worry about the future

smart driving

Sega Yuexin edition not only attaches importance to the increasingly stringent safety needs of consumers, but also further optimizes the scientific and technological configuration to fully meet the modern practical, convenient and considerate vehicle use trend

the navigation system is very important whether it is in a crisscross city or a long distance. C4 Sega Yuexin version is rarely equipped with 7-inch color real-time intelligent navigation and high-definition audio-visual playback with higher stability at the same level, which can create a visual sense of what you want and what you want

in response to the common WiFi dependency of modern people, C4 Sega Yuexin version relies on 3G WiFi hotspots to share network signal sources anytime and anywhere, whether in the car, tablet, laptop and other mobile devices. It is worth mentioning that users can get free WiFi traffic every month

however, habitual screen brushing is a major safety hazard when driving. The intelligent wireless mapping of C4 Sega Yuexin version includes two-way control function screen and on-board 7-inch color large screen for synchronous display and mutual control, effectively avoiding the danger caused by blind driving

in addition, Yuexin version still retains a number of exclusive configurations of C4 Sega at the same level: the dual zone fully automatic air conditioner with pollen and dust filter is honored as a new generation of haze control artifact while realizing the dual temperature experience in the driving area and the copilot area; With the constant speed cruise function enabled, driving fatigue is reduced and fuel consumption is reduced during long-distance driving. It can be said that it saves both worry and money

in the middle-class car market, Dongfeng Citroen C4 Sega Yuexin version is equipped with a new configuration of 7000 yuan and matches the price of 4000 yuan. Not only is the product more competitive, but also it can enjoy the policy of halving the purchase tax and the original factory warranty of 100000 km for 3 years. Its listing will certainly help accelerate the pace of C4 Sega's market layout, and also open an era of more safe and comfortable car life for consumers

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