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Dongfanghong forklift truck has a magic weapon to break out of the red sea of the market

product homogenization competition is the primary stage of market competition, and it is also an unavoidable obstacle in the process of market economic development. Although every enterprise and entrepreneur is avoiding homogeneous competition as much as possible, homogeneous competition will eventually meet like a ghost. As the world's second largest economy and a major industrial manufacturing country, more and more Chinese enterprises and Chinese products will sooner or later encounter a homogeneous competition stage characterized by market saturation, overcapacity and price reduction dumping. This is also the so-called "Red Sea" law or "Red Sea" phenomenon in the international marketing community

in terms of the domestic forklift industry, it is like a barometer of China's economy, especially the industrial economy. In the past decade, while the national economy has continued to develop at a high speed, China's forklift industry has also ushered in a golden period of rapid development. From 2008 to now, except for the slight year-on-year decline in market capacity in the first half of this year, the average annual growth rate in other years has been more than double digits. However, such a rapidly growing market capacity is still far behind by the more rapidly expanding industrial capacity. Behind the splendor of the sales market maintaining a high speed gradient year by year, there is still a serious situation of overcapacity and imbalance between supply and demand. Homogeneous competition has almost become the mainstream business form of market competition. How to avoid the "Red Sea" of unnecessary fighting and successful escape from the market homogenization competition of "hurting the enemy by 800 and losing 1000" has become the "devil" of industry enterprises and entrepreneurs

Yituo (Luoyang) handling machinery Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Yituo Co., Ltd. whose main business is the production and sales of Dongfanghong series forklifts. In recent years, like other forklift brands, Dongfanghong forklift is also facing the test of the deteriorating market environment of the industry's overcapacity and increasingly homogeneous competition. After a lot of market research and calm analysis of the development trend of the industry, the management of the company presented the trump card of "differentiation", that is, to resist the homogeneous competition through the differentiation of products and services, and to rush to the blue ocean of the market by relying on the differentiation of products and services. Over the years, Yituo Handling Machinery Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the business philosophy of taking users as the center and taking the market as the guide, closely relying on the market competitive weapon of differentiation to actively explore market breaking strategies, making the enterprise's product line increasingly plump, the user group increasingly diversified, and the market competitiveness and product profitability continuously enhanced

users are the best product development engineers. This is a business philosophy that Yituo handling machinery company has a high degree of internal recognition and has been practicing. As early as 2009, the company's R & D personnel came into contact with an Italian user during a European construction machinery product exhibition. The person in charge of this company, erripp, put forward a package of personalized needs to improve the adaptability of forklift products to the operating environment (especially the road). The exhibitors of the company carefully recorded these needs of the customer and submitted them to the company's regular product R & D meeting for special research. The company quickly reached a consensus and immediately invested in personalized improvement and Optimization on traditional models. This is the prototype of the first Dongfanghong off-road forklift. Since the first Dongfanghong off-road forklift came into the market in the first half of 2010, it has been continuously improved and optimized for dozens of times. Up to now, Dongfanghong off-road forklift has formed two series and multiple product models, and the cumulative production and sales volume has exceeded 500. In order to solidify and promote this effective product development concept, the company's management has specially studied and formulated relevant systems and management measures, which clearly stipulates that all kinds of personnel going abroad, participating in exhibitions or daily business trips of marketing personnel must submit market research or investigation reports, and timely and comprehensively feed back the fresh information from the front line of the market and the real needs of users. Otherwise, the travel expenses will not be reimbursed. According to the relevant person in charge of the company, at present, about 80% of all the company's product improvement and new product development projects with the same overall resolution come from the front-line user experience and user demand information in the market

transcendence is the magic weapon to break through the market encirclement. The law of market competition is the law of the jungle. If you want not to be eaten by others, you must make yourself stronger than others. Transcendence is the magic weapon to break through homogeneous competition and market encirclement. In the words of zhangchaohui, general manager of the company, it means that "in order to break through the homogenized competition, we must come up with something of different quality. Even if it is the same product, we must find ways to surpass others in terms of quality, function and price. Only by distancing ourselves from competitors, can we really provide customers with perfect and thoughtful pre-sales service and after-sales service and obtain effective market opportunities". People who have come into contact with forklifts know that the size of the forklift gantry determines the lifting height of the goods carried during forklift operation. The standard configuration of gantry lifting height commonly used in the domestic forklift industry is 3M, while the gantry lifting height of Dongfanghong TC and CPCD series forklifts is 3.3m

because of this small transcendence, its applicable environment and operation field have been effectively expanded. Generally, the forklift gantry is designed with a lifting height of 3M, which mainly considers the height of the leveled workplace and the carriage of freight vehicles. If the forklift operates on uneven roads, when its working plane is lower than the height of freight vehicles, the maximum height of the loaded goods that need to be changed every six months is bound to be limited. Such a small transcendence highlights the advantages of Dongfanghong forklift. "Be willing" to broaden the path of differentiation. Modern enterprises must be proficient in cost accounting and cost control, but when there is a conflict between the cost and the market, they must be willing and know the trade-offs, and they can gain big profits only by giving up small profits. Sometimes what seems to suffer losses can actually bring more and greater benefits to the enterprise. For example, with regard to the above configuration of the gantry, although the lifting height of the gantry has only been increased by 0.3m, insiders know that due to the change of the design size, a series of changes in the gantry height, chain length, hydraulic cylinder and other related configurations are involved, which not only increases the cost of materials and parts, but also takes time and effort, and the production process cost increases more. Therefore, most manufacturers are not willing to do this kind of money losing business. However, Dongfanghong forklift has gained more market opportunities than other brands

in addition, Dongfanghong forklift has also made a lot of changes in the gantry side shift, automatic adjustment of fork distance and supporting accessories. In the packaging field, more and more people prefer the improvement and optimization of lightweight materials, especially in the selection of raw materials, supporting parts and components, they always adhere to the code of conduct that quality is the first and quality factors are higher than price, thus ensuring the service performance of the whole machine and increasing the satisfaction of users. The company has not only obtained more orders, but also greatly improved the market competitiveness and profitability of its products. Last year, a user operating an orchard farm in Zhaoyuan, Shandong Province, put forward a package of special needs, including increasing the lifting height, changing the gantry design and installing a fruit picking platform. The company immediately organized the design, R & D and production team to work overtime to design and produce, so as to ensure that the two orders were delivered on time. When checking and accepting the goods, the user said excitedly that before that, we had asked more than 10 forklift enterprises, large and small. Either we thought the order was too small, or we thought that changing the design was labor-consuming and time-consuming and uneconomical. Only you, Dongfanghong, did not mind the trouble and sincerely thought of the user. Dongfanghong deserves our trust and respect

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