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The shocking new product Zoomlion Australia "localized" 36m concrete distributor was welcomed by the overseas market

the shocking new product Zoomlion Australia "localized" 36m concrete distributor was welcomed by the overseas market

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recently, Zoomlion's overseas product line family has added a new member with low recycling rate - the new 36m pipe column concrete distributor has been successfully rolled off the assembly workshop in Lugu Industrial Park and will be shipped to Australia soon. This concrete distributor is a flagship product specially developed by Zoomlion for the high-end market in Australia. Its offline greatly enhanced the competitiveness of Zoomlion's products in the Australian market. Once launched, it was very popular with overseas customers and has received more than 10 orders

▲ Zoomlion 36m distributor

it is understood that the concrete distributor is the end equipment for pumping concrete, and its function is to transport the concrete from the trailer pump and vehicle mounted pump to the formwork of the component to be poured through the pipeline. Zoomlion has successfully designed the first concrete distributor in China, and has become one of the earliest enterprises in China to develop and develop concrete distributors

the 36m concrete distributor off the production line this time is specially tailored to the needs of Australian customers. Previously, Zoomlion's longest concrete distributor in Australia was 33m. The 36m concrete distributor not only filled the vacancy of Zoomlion's 36m concrete distributor in the Australian high-end market, but also the longest existing pipe column distributor without counterweight

during the R & D and design of the 36m concrete distributor, the R & D team strictly followed the product standards of Zoomlion 4.0, and set high standards and strict requirements for the production and manufacturing process. According to the introduction of Chengke, the project manager of the product, the newly developed 36m concrete distributor has safe and reliable structural parts, and its fatigue life has reached the advanced level in Europe. On the premise of ensuring the fatigue life and service strength of structural parts, this product can minimize the use of materials, reduce the weight of the whole machine, and reduce the requirements for equipment with a large amount of plastic bags for transportation and hoisting; The product is easy to maintain and operate with high production efficiency

modularization, universal design concept and one machine with multiple functions are the three characteristics and advantages of this cloth conveyor

first of all, the tower body is designed in a modular way. According to the needs of the customer's construction site, columns of different lengths can be used to combine a variety of tower body heights, Introduction to Chengke: "This type of distributor is easy and fast to disassemble and assemble, saving installation and transfer time. The whole machine is divided into three modules, and the total weight of each module is within the lifting capacity of the tower crane and other equipment used for on-site construction. The installation and disassembly does not need to allocate other lifting equipment, which is economical, saves time and improves the installation and disassembly efficiency. Moreover, the quick disassembly pin structure is adopted between the three modules, namely, the upper assembly and the platform, and between the platform and the tower body, which is simple, fast and labor-intensive The dynamic strength is also relatively low. "

secondly, the universal design concept is reflected in the fact that the columns of a variety of pipe column distributors can be used interchangeably; The tower body of the tower distributor uses the standard section of the tower crane, which can be interchanged with the tower crane of the corresponding model

at the same time, the product adopts the lengthening arm structure. The total length of the arm section of the standard complete machine is 36 meters, but the length can be changed to 33 meters when the lengthening arm is removed, which can meet the needs of different construction sites, realize the multi-purpose of one machine, and save the customer's equipment procurement cost

in addition, this type of distributor has diversified installation forms and strong adaptability of the whole machine. Fixed foundation installation, ballast foundation installation, walking installation, floor installation, elevator shaft installation and other installation forms are available for customers to choose, which can be applicable to different types of construction sites. At present, Zoomlion's concrete distributor products are exported to many overseas places, and the sales are gratifying in Australia, the middle East and Hong Kong, especially in Australia. The market share in Australia has been the first for many consecutive years. On the one hand, Zoomlion entered the Australian market earlier, The perennial high-quality service has brought a stable customer base; On the other hand, because of the excellent performance and iterative innovation of Zoomlion products, local dealers are willing to actively recommend Zoomlion equipment. In the accelerated sales process, Zoomlion timely investigated the market situation, listened to customer feedback, adhered to the overseas localization policy, and continued to innovate and optimize products to meet market demand

The successful offline of the

36m concrete distributor truck is not only a product created by Zoomlion to respond to the needs of the overseas market in a timely and efficient manner, but also another masterpiece of its continuous innovation. In the future, Zoomlion will continue to strengthen research and development, constantly upgrade products, provide customers with stronger and better products and create greater value

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