The hottest smart home is strangled in the cradle.

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Smart home is strangled in the cradle. Who is the murderer

Abstract: even after these years of development, smart homes are still in a very preliminary incubation stage. You are angry and I mourn their misfortune. Why can't you give these smart homes more time? Go straight along the road of IOT. What's wrong with some detours? Just don't strangle them in the cradle

are you in front of the screen? Maybe it is, or maybe it is not. When you type the word "useless" on the keyboard, the concept of smart home has been killed. I believe that most of us will have the time to make a rash judgment, especially in the face of things that we are not familiar with if we use carbon fiber as the connecting rod of the engine. Rather than being seen as ignorant by others, it is better to be the executioner in person. It is not others who strangle the smart home in the cradle, but those who laugh at it. Fortunately, the smart home struggled, and it felt that it could not die on the road

the ridiculer's theory plays an important role in protecting the greenhouse film. The reason is nothing more than that: smart home is useless. Such vague reasons are surrounded by a lot of followers. Where is it useless? How can it be useless? I can't tell why, but in the cognition of this group of people, smart home seems to be still in the era of replacing remote controls with. It is undeniable that smart home did exist for a period of time. Many developers hope that smart home can make consumers feel smart. This is a good wish. After being put into practice, the effect is indeed not ideal. The reason is also very simple. Intelligence has greatly facilitated our life, but intelligent furniture with intelligence as the medium has not made a qualitative change in life. The obvious gap makes people immediately feel that smart home is useless, and has been labeled useless since then

this is an unreasonable behavior, but habits are terrible. No matter how smart home evolves itself, it can never get rid of the fixed thinking of most people, even though Apple, which claims to be able to change the world, joins this battle. Homekit is by no means a successful product, at least not for apple. However, the existence of homekit made the general public try to accept smart home, and at least some people began to make changes to smart home. Homekit's performance did not occupy the market like a virus as expected by apple. There are many reasons. We don't want to discuss these reasons here, but it is certain that under Apple's publicity, the concept of smart home began to sprout and incubate rapidly. Now, the appearance of smart home has long changed, and it gives us countless possibilities

voice assistant is just a quantitative change

it would be stupid to rely on everything. What about when the media changes from a dedicated voice assistant? Amazon Alexa and Google assistant are now occupying smart homes at an aggressive rate. Or we can put it another way, these smart home developers are eager to cooperate with Amazon or Google. If it is just a small workshop, it will let you get the light of large enterprise devices; If you are already a well-known household appliance enterprise, this can be regarded as a strong alliance

in fact, at the beginning of this year, smart homes using voice assistants as the media showed an explosive growth, especially Amazon Alexa. This is not too difficult to understand. After all, even the developers themselves believe that it is a opportunistic behavior to just replace the remote control, but with the help of voice assistant, maybe everything is much simpler. After all, without the action of search and click, dialogue is the simplest way of communication, and so is smart home

we can think that the addition of voice assistant has successfully evolved the control of household appliances from the manual era to the communication era. It can help users get a more real interactive experience, but after all, voice assistant is not a qualitative change. At best, it is just a way for smart homes to seek intelligence. The real future is IOT

the interconnection of all things is not just talk.

what attitude should IOT take in front of us? Even IOT didn't think about it. If you go to the street to ask the most ordinary consumers, do you know IOT devices? In most cases, the other party will look blank, which means that it is the instrument box and ask you if you are asking "interconnection". Even in developed countries, the Japanese media conducted a random survey of 2204 ordinary consumers to see whether they knew the existence of IOT devices, and their recognition was only 52.7%, and their recognition only remained at the stage of being able to operate various single product devices

IOT shouldn't be like this. Who made it like this? There is no doubt that most manufacturers attribute network control to IOT, which leads to the narrow definition of "smart home with control, that is, IOT smart home". Obviously, this is a wrong idea. It is the manufacturers themselves that have gradually led to this erroneous concept, so they are now going to suffer the consequences

when the content of the concept is vague, it is inevitable to fish in troubled waters. What's more, bad money drives out good money. Household appliance manufacturers are trying to save this slightly distorted market, in which we can see that a new real IOT form different from the current physical state is emerging, and the medium of this new IOT form is actually a refrigerator

the size of the refrigerator enables it to carry a touch screen, which can complete the interaction in most cases: not only the interaction between users and refrigerators, but also the interaction between users and other products through refrigerators. In inertial thinking, we always think that it is the most suitable to be a remote controller, which obviously conflicts with the essence of IOT. The essence of IOT should be the interconnection of everything, not the interconnection of everything and everything. Naturally, the status of refrigerator can be replaced

of course, being able to control other household appliances with a refrigerator is only a very early stage of IOT. Even if it depends on voice assistant or, it still can't get rid of a childish appearance, which is also a headache for manufacturers. There are more content that can be explored behind IOT, but it still needs a period of incubation. According to some published data, Some big companies are moving closer to big data and deep learning

using big data in smart home is a reasonable approach. It can meet the choice of most people, but unfortunately it can't meet the choice of "you", so it also requires the machine to have the ability of deep learning. Smart homes that master deep learning have the ability to control habits. These smart homes are based on big data and allow users to get a more unique experience according to users' preferences. There is no doubt that this is a kind of enjoyment, but this enjoyment brings about the problem of cost, and there are really few people regardless of the cost

the development of IOT is so slow that smart home is stagnant. One of the most important reasons is cost control. Indeed, a large number of capital flows are rampant in the world of IOT every year. Apple, Google, Amazon and other famous technology companies are more or less exploring the direction of IOT. However, according to the customization requirements of customers, without exception, they also need to consider the problem of "money" in addition to convenience, because the consumer group faced by smart home is huge and extensive, and this large group wants to obtain only cheap and easy-to-use devices, so there is homekit and Alexa

therefore, when we are discussing who is killing the smart home, please don't immediately put yourself out of the relationship, whether you or I are smart home consumers or potential consumers. Even after these years of development, smart home is still in a very preliminary incubation stage. You are angry and I mourn its misfortune. Why can't you give these smart homes more time? Go straight along the road of IOT. What's wrong with some detours? Just don't strangle them in the cradle

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