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Smart electricity provides three supports for the development of the energy industry

Guide: smart electricity will not only become a new engine for the development of China's low-carbon era, but also promote the development of the energy industry and manufacturing innovation. At the 2011 electricity development and power equipment technology innovation exchange meeting, the participating experts discussed in depth and reached a consensus that

intelligence has become a new highlight of global economic development, and the construction of smart electricity will also become a new engine of global economic development. In China, the full launch of smart electricity construction will not only accelerate the process of industrial development, but also provide a stronger driving force for the development of China's energy industry

support 1: smart electricity promotes the development of low-carbon economy

low carbon development has become the trend of global economic development, and smart electricity plays a vital role in all links of promoting low-carbon development. Zhang Yibin, director of the Institute of smart electricity of the National Energy Research Institute, believes that smart electricity will have a certain effect on energy efficiency, and help the development of the entire industry and the national economy to achieve emission reduction targets, whether in the power generation sector, the electricity sector or the electricity ring, and many technologies have not yet gone out of the laboratory

China's new energy, especially clean energy, has entered a period of comprehensive development. With the sustained and rapid development of wind and solar power generation, the scale and quantity of distributed energy in China have increased unprecedentedly. The access problems of these energy will be solved with the construction and development of smart electricity. Therefore, the construction of smart electricity will not only become a strong support for the development of clean energy, but also save the consumption of fossil energy to a certain extent, and reduce carbon emissions due to the reduction of fossil energy utilization

in terms of electricity and power consumption, Zhang Yibin believes that smart electricity will not only increase the investment and operation cost of the entire electrical equipment, but also achieve high efficiency of power transmission, reduce the occupation of cultivated land and reduce line loss. As smart electricity supports end users to realize smart electricity consumption, the construction of information acquisition system at the power consumption end, smart electricity residential areas and building construction will enter a period of prosperity and development, so that enterprise users and residential users can accurately grasp the peak and valley power consumption time, and smart electricity will help users improve energy utilization efficiency. In addition, in the context of the comprehensive construction of smart electricity, the start and rapid development of China's electric vehicle industry will not only reduce oil consumption, but also reduce the exhaust gas produced by oil combustion

support 2: smart electricity provides development space for the energy equipment industry

the construction of smart electricity undoubtedly brings new development opportunities to China's electrical equipment industry. New energy, distributed generation technology, smart meters and digital equipment, smart appliances, etc. will all become part of this electric intelligence construction. These development areas will provide equipment manufacturers with a lot of room for development

according to data, in 2011, the State Grid Corporation of China plans to invest 292.5 billion yuan in electricity in the direction of intelligent construction. It is estimated that about 50billion yuan will be used for intelligent construction in 2011. Among them, smart meters are still the main investment object. In the next 4-5 years, CNEEC will spend 46billion yuan on the purchase of smart meters, accounting for about 20% of the intelligent investment

according to caiyiqing, director of the electricity Department of the science and technology center of the China Electricity Council, by 2020, the total investment in smart electricity will not be less than 200billion yuan. At the same time, the state will invest 600billion yuan in UHV construction. Obviously, the construction of smart electricity will usher in an unprecedented redistribution of benefits for the smart power equipment industry

Cai Yiqing believes that the development of smart electricity will bring opportunities to many industries, including solar energy technology and equipment, storage battery and energy storage technology, wind power generation technology and equipment, harmonic suppression technology, flexible transmission technology, which meet the requirements and equipment of gb/t228 (2) 010 "metallic materials tensile test method at room temperature", intelligent substation and intelligent switch equipment, distribution automation system and equipment, communication technology, etc

previously, at the end of 2010, the State Grid Corporation of China had issued a development plan for key intelligent electrical equipment. This is also the first time in China to systematically put forward the development plan of qb/t 3885 (1) 999 equipment including 7 technical fields, 28 technical topics and 137 key aluminum alloy door latches. At the same time, the State Grid Corporation of China also proposed to basically build a strong intelligent electricity with informatization, automation and interaction characteristics by 2015. Undoubtedly, products and technologies in these fields will naturally become an important focus for dividing the smart electric cake

support 3: smart electricity brings profound changes to industrial technology

smart electricity, in essence, is the intellectualization of electricity. It is based on the integrated, high-speed two-way communication network. Through advanced sensing and measurement technology, advanced equipment technology, advanced control methods and advanced decision support system, it realizes the reliability, safety, economy, efficiency, environmental friendliness of electricity and the wide access and effective utilization of new energy

Zhang Yibin believes that the construction of smart electricity is an important starting point to promote the development of strategic emerging industries and realize the transformation of economic development mode. It will drive the technological innovation and industrial development of traditional and emerging industries such as new energy, manufacturing, information, sensing, etc., with strong technological radiation and economic driving

Wang Xiliang, director of the development planning department of guoxintong company, said that intelligent ionization cannot be separated from intelligent power equipment. If power equipment is not intelligent, electricity cannot be intelligent. Therefore, building intelligent ionization cannot be separated from power equipment enterprises. Smart electricity not only brings opportunities to the manufacturing industry, but also brings a profound change to the manufacturing technology. In the face of challenges, how to quickly develop a way out has become the focus of the industry's thinking that the annual production capacity of caustic soda and PVC of relevant enterprises will be reduced by 1million tons respectively. At present, both international standards and domestic industries are actively thinking and responding

Wang Xiliang believes that smart electricity is a big open topic, and the specific content of its coverage is still not completely determined, but as long as the technology that can achieve the fundamental goals of energy conservation and emission reduction, improving energy efficiency, and improving the reliability of power supply can become the main content of smart electricity. Therefore, he advocated that manufacturing enterprises should develop ideas and strive to innovate according to the characteristics of this field, so as to provide more and better solutions for smart electricity

in fact, the change brought about by smart electricity is not only competition in the same industry, but also a profound change in global manufacturing technology. Just as the development of Internet technology drives a number of emerging industries, and many industries gradually withdraw from the historical stage, smart electricity brings enterprises not only product technology changes, but also business model changes

in 2010, Google's entry into smart meters and IBM's attention to smart electricity all remind us that in the future, it and other industries have the advantage to enter smart electricity, and use the mature technology and experience of IT industry to bring new experience and impact to the power system. In this regard, caiyiqing reminded the majority of manufacturing enterprises that they should adapt to the needs of smart electricity through their own transformation, and carry out in-depth exchanges and cooperation, so as to make the whole industry remain invincible in the process of building smart electricity

Cai Yiqing stressed that new things bring new business opportunities. Due to the imperfections and unclear norms of some new energy markets, it has brought temporary chaos to the industry. At present, there is a lack of unified planning for the construction of new industries that meet the needs of smart electricity, such as wind power generation and solar power generation. However, in the absence of a unified and clear national plan, enterprises should do a good job in orderly research and development. Only in this way can they adapt to the changes brought about by the development of smart electricity to the equipment industry

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