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Smart electricity: make the power system full of "wisdom"

with the continuous development of the power industry, the world's electricity is now changing to a more intelligent direction after three evolutions, so what is smart electricity? Next, I will work with you to sort out and learn the relevant contents of smart electricity

1. What is smart electricity?

smart electricity has no unified definition at the current academic level, but everyone's understanding of smart electricity is basically convergent. According to the definition of the Institute of electrical engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, smart electricity is a new type of electricity, which is based on the physical electricity including all kinds of power generation equipment, transmission and distribution networks, electrical equipment and energy storage equipment, and is highly integrated with modern advanced sensing and measurement technology, network technology, communication technology, computing technology, automation and intelligent control technology. It can realize observability (able to monitor the state of all electrical equipment) It can be controlled (able to control the state of all electrical equipment), fully automated (self-adaptive and self-healing) and the comprehensive optimization balance of the system (optimization balance between power generation, transmission and distribution and power consumption), so as to make the power system cleaner, more efficient, safer and more reliable

2. What are the advantages of smart electricity

compared with existing electricity, smart electricity reflects the remarkable characteristics of the high integration of power flow, information flow and business flow. Its progressiveness and advantages are mainly reflected in:

(1) it has a strong electricity infrastructure and technical support system, can resist all kinds of external interference and attacks, and can adapt to the large-scale access of clean energy and renewable energy, Martens introduced that the next development plan of their refil series products has been consolidated and improved

(2) the organic integration of information technology, sensor technology, automatic control technology and electrical infrastructure can obtain the panoramic information of electricity, and timely discover and predict possible faults. When a fault occurs, electricity can quickly isolate the fault and realize self recovery, so as to avoid the occurrence of large-scale power failure

(3) the wide application of flexible AC/DC transmission, plant coordination, intelligent dispatching, electric energy storage, distribution automation and other technologies makes electric operation control more flexible and economical, and can adapt to the access of a large number of distributed power sources, micro electricity and electric vehicle charging and discharging facilities

(4) the comprehensive application of communication, information and modern management technology will greatly improve the efficiency of power equipment, reduce power consumption, and make power operation more economical and efficient

(5) realize a high degree of integration, sharing and utilization of real-time and non real-time information, display a comprehensive, complete and detailed power operation state diagram for operation management, and provide corresponding auxiliary decision support, control implementation plan and response plan

(6) establish a two-way interactive service mode, so that users can understand the power supply capacity, power quality, electricity price and power outage information in real time, and reasonably arrange the use of electrical appliances; Power enterprises can obtain the detailed power consumption information of users and provide them with more value-added services

3. What is the development trend of smart electricity

smart power construction is based on the regional distribution characteristics of China's energy distribution in load consumption, and adapts to the power development mode adopted by China's current and future social development. It has strong adaptability to the calculation and transmission of all kinds of energy, especially large-scale wind power and solar power, and can realize the large-scale and efficient allocation of energy resources. The construction of smart electricity in China has risen to the level of national strategy. Smart substation is one of the core platforms to realize energy conversion and control in the construction of strong smart electricity. First, the installation of pressure testing machine is not level one, and the prospect is still broad

the development of smart electricity has brought many opportunities and challenges to the wire and cable industry, which will be a process of scouring the sand. The whole process requires continuous innovation and transformation through technological products, business models, development strategies and other aspects

intelligent telepresence can be applied to a wide range of environments and different occasions, bringing great opportunities. The application of cables in the fields of power transmission, distribution, user side, distributed energy application, solar energy and distributed wind power. In the context of smart electricity, the third industrial revolution has achieved the integrated development of information, renewable energy and distributed application technology. As its central link, wires and cables need to be considered for intelligence

(1) intelligent electricity is the inevitable trend of the development of electric technology. Communication, computer, automation and other technologies have been widely and deeply applied in electricity, and have been organically integrated with traditional power technology, which has greatly improved the intelligent level of electricity. The application of sensor technology and information technology in electricity provides technical support for system state analysis and auxiliary decision-making, making electric self-healing possible. The mature development of dispatching technology, automation technology and flexible transmission technology provides a basic guarantee for the development and utilization of renewable energy and distributed power generation. The improvement of communication network and the popularization and application of user information acquisition technology have promoted the two-way interaction between electricity and users. With the further development, application and high integration of various new technologies with physical electricity, intelligent electricity came into being

(2) developing smart electricity is an inevitable choice for social and economic development. In order to realize the development, transmission and consumption of clean energy, electricity must improve its flexibility and compatibility. In order to resist the increasingly frequent natural disasters and external interference, electricity must rely on intelligent means to continuously improve its security defense ability and self-healing ability. In order to reduce operating costs and promote the consumption of vanadium pentoxide of 145.61 kg per cubic meter of vanadium electrolyte for energy conservation and emission reduction, electric operation must be more economical and efficient. At the same time, intelligent control of electrical equipment must be carried out to reduce power consumption as much as possible. The rapid development of distributed generation, energy storage technology and electric vehicles has changed the traditional mode of power supply and consumption, and promoted the continuous integration of power flow, information flow and business flow to meet the increasingly diverse needs of users

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