The hottest smart grid leads the new era of energy

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Smart electricity: leading the new era of energy reform

accelerating the construction of a unified smart electricity system to promote the development of clean energy industry clusters and strategic emerging industries is a major historical opportunity for the development of the energy and power industry

with the rapid development of China's economy and society, as well as the continuous deterioration of environmental problems such as haze (which has evolved into a national problem at present), the sclerometer with the focus on the development of new energy does not act, and the adjustment of energy structure is showing an accelerating trend. At present, the state has issued a number of policies to encourage the development of new energy and distributed power generation, simplify project approval and increase financial subsidies. From the strategic height of meeting the new opportunities of the industrial revolution, power enterprises have also strengthened supporting construction, prioritized the dispatch of clean power generation, and guaranteed the acquisition in full

since the United States proposed the new energy deal in 2009, a new technological revolution and institutional revolution represented by energy have been launched worldwide. Breakthroughs have been made in the development of new energy technologies, driving a series of industries and promoting economic recovery. From a worldwide perspective, new energy resources are very abundant, and R & D technology has been steadily improved. The energy of the sun shining on the earth per second alone is equivalent to the energy generated by 5million tons of standard coal. 40 minutes of shining on the earth can meet the energy needs of the world for a year. Over the past 10 years, the installed capacity of global wind and solar power has increased by 8 and 44 times, and that of China has increased by 158 and 183 times. It is estimated that new energy power generation will account for nearly a quarter of the global total power generation by 2030. Judging from the situation in China, the exploitable scale of wind and solar energy resources is more than 2.5 billion kw, which can fully meet the domestic energy demand theoretically

smart electricity is an important basic carrier for the development and utilization of new energy. Accelerate the construction of a unified smart electricity system, so as to promote the development of clean energy industry clusters and strategic emerging industries, and then create a new round of energy economic revolution beyond interconnection, which will promote the transformation of the world economy. This is a major historical opportunity for the development of the energy and power industry

the essence of smart electricity is energy substitution and interaction. It connects the energy base, distributed power supply and customers' energy network with a strong frame through the integration of modern information control technology. The fundamental goal is to achieve the safe, efficient, clean and friendly development of energy

safe development is the first essential. Without safe development, nothing else can be said. The focus is to improve the security of energy access and supply and ensure the controllability and availability of energy resources. For example, we should increase the depth and breadth of energy development, increase the total supply, reduce intermediate links, prevent the imbalance between supply and demand, achieve energy autonomy and diversity, and ensure the stability and reliability of energy supply. Intelligent electricity consumption of distributed energy will undoubtedly promote the diversification of energy varieties and flexibility of use. The larger the scale of electricity, the wider the scope and quantity of resources. Therefore, the development of large power and distributed energy is beneficial to improve the security of power supply

efficient development is the basic requirement. The focus is to improve the efficiency of energy development and utilization, intensively develop energy resources, build a platform for large-scale optimal allocation of energy, reduce energy intensity and reduce energy consumption. For traditional energy, the local development of coal into electricity in coal rich areas such as Shanxi and Shaanxi is much more efficient than long-distance coal transportation, and it can also reduce the coal ash pollution caused by transportation. For new energy, since the application of electricity has penetrated into all aspects of society and people's life through waterproof membrane, converting new energy into electricity is the most efficient way for its wide application

clean development is the core concept. The key is to rely on technological innovation, vigorously develop and utilize new energy, promote the cleaning of conventional energy and the electrification of energy consumption, optimize the energy structure, protect the ecological environment, and take the path of low-carbon development and green development. In fact, China's industrialization has not lasted for a long time, and the generation and accumulation of haze has not exceeded 40 years, mainly due to the continuous and rapid increase of total energy consumption, the excessive proportion of coal and the unreasonable mode of energy development. The national action plan for the prevention and control of air pollution has put forward strict measures to control the total amount of coal combustion and emissions. In the Bohai rim, Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta, except for cogeneration projects, no new coal-fired power projects, including large ones and small ones, will be built. To solve the problem of clean development, the key is to comprehensively implement electric energy substitution through the development of intelligent electricity and improve the level of electrification in the whole society

friendly development is the strategic direction. It is mainly to meet the development needs of intelligent appliances, intelligent transportation and intelligent cities, and realize the friendly interaction between energy and users. In particular, the development of electric vehicles has been paid more and more attention, and the development prospect is very broad. According to China's plan, the number of electric vehicles will reach 5million by 2020. With the breakthrough of battery technology, electric vehicles are expected to achieve large-scale applications. Power enterprises have the most extensive and in-depth contact with users. With the application of cloud computing, big data and other information technologies, the collection, analysis and utilization level of user information will be improved unprecedentedly. The business field of electric enterprises, the content and mode of interaction with customers will undergo fundamental changes

looking forward to the future, the development of intelligent electricity will also face a series of new topics and challenges, such as basic research, equipment development, engineering construction, standard formulation and so on. However, as the foundation and engine of economic transformation, smart electricity will have a profound impact on human production and life and future business models by promoting the reform of energy development and consumption patterns

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