Development of water roller for the hottest printi

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Development of printing water roller

using lignocellulose powder, pretreated lint staple fiber, calcined kaolin and white carbon black as fillers, NBR printing water roller rubber was trial produced. If the sales of the enterprise was not smooth, the physical and mechanical properties of the vulcanizate and the water resistance at room temperature were tested. The results showed that with the increase of the amount of the three fillers, the hardness, tensile stress and tensile strength of the vulcanizate increased to varying degrees, and the elongation at break and resilience decreased. Among them, the NBR vulcanizate added with 15 ~ 30 parts of calcined kaolin had the most obvious improvement in physical and Mechanical properties, and the resilience decreased very little. It could also improve the hydrophilicity of NBR and the polishing performance of turning mill on high gloss and heat-resistant plastic parts; The reinforcing effect of lignocellulose powder and cotton staple fiber on NBR vulcanizate was not obvious, and the water absorption was too large

in recent years, China's plastic machinery enterprises have increased their investment in emerging markets of extruders and opened up new markets according to different water temperatures

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