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The market potential of smart home lighting is huge. Xiangtian lighting has increased its intensive cultivation

not long ago, the National Bureau of Statistics announced the per capita disposable income and per capita consumption expenditure of residents in 31 provinces in the first half of 2019. Data show that the per capita disposable income of Chinese residents in the first half of the year was 15294 yuan, a nominal increase of 8.8% over the same period last year, and a real increase of 6.5% after deducting price factors. Compared with the national level, Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Fujian, Liaoning and Hubei exceeded the national average

the above data reflects the economic development of these provinces and cities to a certain extent. With a high income level and the same increase in consumption level, people naturally have higher and higher requirements for the quality of life. For example, the user should not only have high-quality performance, but also have a good use experience; Driving a car should not only be safe, but also have a comfortable driving experience. As for the requirements of lamps and lanterns, consumers not only need lamps and lanterns to have good basic lighting functions, but also hope that high-quality lamps and lanterns can bring extreme visual experience and good comfort

the new changes in the market are changing the rapidly developing lighting industry in China. Coupled with the issuance of 5g license this year, the lighting industry has once again set off a wave, and the rise of intelligent lighting concept has also become a major development direction of lighting in the future

how to base on the needs of users and comply with the trend of market development has become a difficult problem for many domestic lighting manufacturers. With deep cultivation and careful work, xiangtian lighting, located in Jiangmen, has opened up a world for itself in the field of segmentation

according to the introduction, xiangtian lighting is a lighting enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and lighting system solutions. Its brand positioning is committed to the customization of high-end lighting in hotels, clubs and villas, and its lighting product line fully covers museums, hotels, clubs, villas, commercial spaces, etc

zhuzhongwu, general manager of xiangtian lighting, positioned the company as a system solution provider for home light environment, aiming to create a comfortable indoor light environment for users and create a pleasant home light environment experience. The company has many representative engineering projects, such as Beijing Forbidden City Museum, the Party School of the CPC Central Committee, Beijing Yanxi lake international metropolis, China National Studies Center, Nankai University, Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport, Guangzhou Taiguhui, etc

▲ zhuzhongwu, general manager of xiangtian lighting

for the smart home lighting market, he said that society is developing and technology is improving. Technology has brought convenience and a more comfortable lifestyle to people, and people still recognize the concept of intelligence. In the past, in the home furnishing industry, consumers thought it was OK to have lights, which could meet the lighting needs; Slowly began to have new requirements for light, hoping that the light has more functions. For example, you can choose the corresponding mode according to the needs of different life scenes, such as going home, eating, sleeping, etc., and turn the light into the most suitable state with one button. Now, people have reduced the residue of expensive drugs in syringes, and are thinking about how to use light to present the characteristics of architectural structures, enrich the space, and combine artistic elements. It can be said that people's needs are constantly changing

nowadays, when people talk about intelligence, they feel very mysterious and out of reach. They dare not touch it. Whenever they mention the word "intelligence", they feel more and more tall. In fact, the concept of smart home has existed as early as the 1980s. However, in this era, science and technology are relatively developed, and then start experiments. Many things that were originally difficult to achieve have been successfully implemented. The reappearance of the inflection point of port coal price has been industrialized

he said that at present, the main problem of smart home lighting is communication. Consumers' overall awareness of smart home lighting products is not high, which requires more enterprises to spread and guide consumers' consumption ideas; While improving the consumption concept, the consumption level should also be improved, but this requires a process; In addition, how to make smart home lighting more civilian, enter thousands of households and expand market share is also a major problem in the expansion of smart home lighting market

for the future market prospect, he expressed optimism and believed that the market potential was huge. On the one hand, lighting enterprises should increase the publicity of smart home lighting products in an automation system and increase investment in technology and application in the terminal market. On the other hand, people's consumption concept was improving with the progress of the times

today's LED industry is fiercely competitive, and the lighting market seems to be a red sea. He believes that if lighting enterprises want to stay ahead, they must constantly innovate, innovate models and schemes, constantly eliminate their own products, constantly innovate their own products, and at the same time, they can only develop if they are specialized in subdivisions

led lighting market continues to develop. According to the latest research report "2h19 global LED lighting market report - lighting level packaging and lighting product trends" of LED research center of Jibang consulting, the compound annual growth rate of LED lighting market scale is 6%. With the continuous reform and innovation of LED intelligent technology, the functions of LED intelligent lighting system are more powerful and diversified, and the functions of LED intelligent home lighting will be more perfect. I believe that the market prospect of LED intelligent home lighting is infinite! (text: ledinside James)

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