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The smart home industry is developing rapidly. IOT creates a new way to connect devices

China Security Exhibition] at present, under the impact of the wave of intelligence, China's furniture manufacturing industry is constantly transforming and upgrading towards intelligent manufacturing, and the automation and intelligence content of furniture products are also constantly improving. At the same time, with the deepening of people's understanding of the concept of smart home, smart home products are accepted by more and more consumers

with the successful test of the first VCC pilot device in China, the influx of heads has promoted the rapid development of smart home.

with the change of consumption concept and the improvement of income level, people's demand for smart home products such as smart lights and smart cat's eyes is increasing day by day. The huge market demand is driving manufacturers to constantly improve production processes and improve the quality and performance of smart home products. Smart home products with excellent quality have won the love of many consumers after being introduced into the market, which is conducive to the expansion of the market scale of smart home products

according to the statistical data of the "smart home equipment industry market outlook and investment strategy planning report" released by the foresight Industry Research Institute, the market size of China's smart home exceeded 334billion yuan in 2017, with a year-on-year increase of more than 20%. In the same year, its market size exceeded 282billion yuan, accounting for more than 86%. It is estimated that by 2020, the market scale of smart home in China will reach 581.93 billion yuan

with the increasing audience of smart home products, some capital giants began to turn their attention to the smart home industry. These enterprises have used their technological advantages to launch smart home products for different consumer groups, and some enterprises have also launched their own smart home ecosystem. For example, Haier smart home u-home, Xiaomi's ecological chain brands Mijia, Huawei hilink, etc

major giants have entered the smart home industry, making the competition among smart home peers increasingly fierce. Especially in today's society, where the whole smart home industry is divided and divided, the interconnection of products is not high. For the same product, each enterprise has its own technological advantages, and the degree of technology sharing between enterprises is still low. It is difficult for products produced by different enterprises to achieve complementary advantages

smart home is the future trend of the industry

in the new era of connectivity, it is impossible for any country to develop independently from the information society. Smart home is the same. Only by maintaining an open mind can enterprises achieve win-win cooperation. With the development of sensors, chips, face recognition and other technologies, smart home Unicorn has gradually realized the importance of working together with its peers in the industry. The combination of strong enterprises will not only help enterprises expand their own strength, but also improve the ability of the whole industry to face unknown risks

at present, some enterprises have gradually taken practical actions to make common progress with other enterprises when exploring a new path of sustainable development. For example, the hilink strategy released by Huawei. By providing developers and equipment manufacturers with liteos operating system, open protocols and technical support, the problem of intelligent hardware connection can be solved more efficiently. Enterprises should strengthen communication and cooperation to speed up the upgrading of the traditional home furnishing industry to automation and intelligence

applying IOT technology to people's home life can maximize people's yearning for smart home life. Using IOT technology, the interconnection of household devices will become more stable and efficient. When there are guests visiting outside the door, the host can understand the environmental conditions around the house through remote monitoring equipment even if he is not at home, so as to take the next step. At the same time, the intelligent remote controller can control the TV, air conditioner and other electrical appliances in the home, and automatically turn on the water heater and other equipment, which makes people's home life more convenient and intelligent

after connecting various household devices through IOT technology, homeowners can control and manage these household devices through a unified platform. Different household equipment is efficiently connected, and there is no oil flowing out of the oil return pipe of the oil delivery valve, so the owner's control of household equipment will be more convenient. IOT provides people with a more comfortable and natural way of interaction, making devices smarter, actively detecting and sensing people's needs, and giving timely feedback, which makes the home environment more safe and comfortable

in the future, the product types of smart home will be more diversified and the technology content of products will be higher. In order to promote the development of the whole industry, technical cooperation between enterprises will be more frequent. At the same time, the application of IOT and the automatic display of elongation value will make the connection of smart home products more efficient and safe, and bring users a new consumption experience. IOT smart home will also become a major trend in the development of the industry

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