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Smart electricity escorts the realization of "smart energy interconnection and sharing"

from December 3 to 5, the fourth world interconnection Conference (Wuzhen Summit) was held. Politicians from many countries and experts in the global Internet industry have conducted ideological clashes around the digital economy, cutting-edge technologies, Internet and society, cyberspace governance, exchanges and cooperation, etc. The State Grid Corporation of China not only set up a booth at the conference to display the technological development achievements of "interconnection + smart energy", but also used smart electricity technology to bring new vitality to the millennium old town outside the conference

smart Internet leads to a better future

look at Jiangnan yesterday, come to Wuzhen, which is the root of Jiangnan; Look at tomorrow's China, come to Wuzhen, where there is a Chinese dream

the fourth world interconnection Conference (Wuzhen Summit) set up 20 sub forums, providing a stage for China and even the world's Internet industry to share ideas and ideas and gather wisdom

Wu Hequan, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and chairman of the China Internet association, said at the summit, China is deploying the next generation of mutual communication based on Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6), Dr. Coffey said: "I will talk about the scale work of material surface connection for minimally invasive treatment and utilization. The address field of IPv6 is 128 bits, and the number of addresses is 128 power of 2, which is more than the sand in the world, which is enough to solve the problem of insufficient address volume in China at present. With the development of IOT technology, the number of items will exceed the number of people. The number of IPv6 addresses can leave address space for new businesses such as mobile Internet and IOT, which is enough to support the current situation Some and future new applications are more suitable for the development of industrial interconnection

this year's Wuzhen summit released 14 "world's leading technological achievements in Internet", including Huawei 3gpp5g pre commercial system, Beidou satellite navigation system, Qualcomm 5g technology, China quantum computing technology, Tesla energy solution, Didi travel artificial intelligence engine "traffic brain", Alibaba et brain, baidu dialog operating system dueros, etc

Apple CEO Tim ˙ Cook said Apple needed to inject "humanity" into technology. "In the future, I'm more worried that people will think like machines than machines do. Injecting 'humanity' into technology is not only Apple's, but also our commitment to family and society. Facing a future full of possibilities, we need augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) to make the world a better place." On September 12 this year, Apple's arkit platform was unveiled. As a new media technology, AR can not only bring a new way of information presentation, but also bring more interesting interactive experiences. Cook said that Apple will be committed to building the arkit platform into the world's largest augmented reality technology platform to help people make breakthroughs in the fields of work, education, health care and auxiliary functions

Robin Lee, chairman and CEO of Baidu company, pointed out that the future development of China Internet needs to rely on technological dividends. "Innovation represented by artificial intelligence will continue to promote the development of digital economy in the coming decades." He explained that with the progress of technology, artificial intelligence driven by the "Trinity" of data, computing power and algorithms may become a new engine to promote economic growth and progress of the times. Artificial intelligence will assume the important task of boosting global economic growth by pressing the "set" button. Take the automotive industry as an example, whether it is travel service providers, system providers, or car manufacturers will change due to artificial intelligence

from intelligent robots to handheld devices, at this world Internet Conference, a variety of artificial intelligence products have been unveiled, and the way of interaction with people is also constantly innovating. Many summit guests showed confidence in the development prospect of artificial intelligence, believing that it is becoming an important force in the new round of technological industry reform, and the interaction mode between human and robot will continue to be refined and innovated

Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei's consumer business, hopes that in the future, the interaction between people and machines will not be the interaction between fingers and touch screens now, but natural voice interaction. Like people talking to each other, cameras will also recognize objects, just like people's eyes

Sharing economy is a new direction of Internet economy in recent years. Nathan, co-founder and Chief Strategic Officer of airbnb and chairman of China ˙ In an interview during the summit, blakasyak said that China has a very broad potential market for sharing economy, coupled with the recognition of the government, so many new business models that would otherwise have wasted all their efforts can exist, and China will most likely become an innovator. He said that aibiying is paying attention to and helping rural areas in China, so that farmers can become landlords under the sharing economy model and participate in the global tourism industry. He believes that accommodation based on the sharing economy will be the main way for people to travel around the world. "This is a more real way to experience other cultures. We hope these can also come true in China."

like many foreign guests attending the summit, blakasyak felt that what is happening in China is being paid attention to by the world: "Wuzhen summit is very amazing. Here are industry leaders from around the world to discuss the future of Internet and share our views on the future."

with pink walls, black tiles, small bridges and flowing water, this millennium old town is a seal of traditional China; Digital economy and open sharing have stirred up a myriad of atmosphere here, and become a classic epitome of the ancient oriental country leading the world Internet trend

smart electricity escorts development.

in the past few days, in Wuzhen, where there are many celebrities, "black technology" has appeared frequently. The energy planted with intelligent factors is accelerating the activation of the ancient town together with the Internet, making it confident to face the world

at 10:30 on December 3, Wuzhen summit opened. Underground of the Convention and Exhibition Center, Shen Wei and Zhang Yongzhe calmly and orderly observed the equipment condition in the power distribution room, "all data are normal, no problem." Confidence comes from the wisdom of electricity

in September this year, the "three-year plan" of the world interconnection conference ended, and the international first-class power distribution in Wuzhen was fully completed. At present, the permanent site of the summit is from 0.4 kV to 500 kV, with dual power supplies, dual lines and dual access at all voltage levels. The average annual outage time is no more than 5 minutes, and the comprehensive voltage qualification rate exceeds 99.99%; The average annual outage time of customers in the town is less than 1 hour, which is comparable to the energy network of international metropolises such as New York and Tokyo

with the interconnection summit, power big data monitoring is becoming more and more intelligent. Zhejiang Electric Power Co., Ltd. accelerates the construction of Wuzhen regional intelligent substation, widely applies distribution line monitoring system and distribution automation system, and realizes real-time monitoring of distribution line operation data, distribution switch stations and public transformer operation data

on the opening day, at the power maintenance on-site command center of the summit, Liao Pingjun of the operation inspection department of Tongxiang power supply company paid attention to the changes in large screen numbers. A large screen integrating multiple systems covers the city's electrical wiring, substations, electrical loads in various regions and important customers, rush repair vehicles and personnel distribution, and realizes how to apply, analyze and actively rush repair the electric remote diagnosis, remote regulation, and quick separation universal testing machine measurement and control system. At the same time, in the 500 kV Xiangyun substation, the full coverage of robot patrol inspection and HD industrial video made the attendant pan Lihua run more than 20000 steps less a day

Tongxiang power supply company also combines massive power operation data and geographic information applications to help rapid diagnosis, accurate research and judgment of fault causes, and intelligently generate SMS repair work orders. The red ship service team members all over the city can arrive at the scene before the customer reports for repair and carry out active repair. When the intelligent cloud platform integrating more than 400000 customer information receives a customer consultation or repair request, the account number, address, power supply line and other information can be synchronously pushed to the customer service specialist

the soldiers and horses did not move, and the food and grass went first. Zhejiang electric power applied the "big cloud and material movement" technology to implement the logistics support of major activities, realize the comprehensive perception and dynamic interconnection of logistics resources, and form an online and offline three-dimensional intelligent logistics support system. Under the operation of this system, the six majors of catering, medical treatment, accommodation, vehicles, conference affairs and cleaning are calmly guaranteed throughout the whole process

smart energy embraces a new era

at the "light of interconnection" Expo of this world interconnection conference, Zhejiang electric power, China e-commerce Corporation and ICT industry group participated on behalf of China National Electric Power Corporation, showing the e-commerce business platforms such as China distributed photovoltaic cloud, "e-treasure", China Mall, China e-commerce finance, business travel cloud, as well as the technological innovation in "interconnection + power" and "interconnection + smart energy", Visitors stopped frequently, and many representatives of foreign enterprises came to consult business

State Grid Corporation of China is using interconnection to make power full of wisdom. The effect of this attempt is very representative in Wuzhen

a film like time has made the slow life in Wuzhen with black tiles and white walls and mottled stone roads deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. However, while retaining the original flavor, the Millennium ancient town also has the "quickness" and "wisdom" of encountering the Internet

with the development of "Internet + electricity", the Chinese time-honored "sanzhenzhai" zongzi bid farewell to the traditional manual workshop. The leader of "sanzhenzhai" praised the electric energy substitution technology: "in the past, food cooking depended on firewood, food preservation depended on the weather, production capacity was limited, and quality control was difficult. Now as long as you plug in the electricity, food metering, processing, transmission, cooling, packaging, and storage are one-stop, and production efficiency, process control, and quality assurance are reliable." Through big data monitoring and analysis, power employees will also send "free clinics" for time-honored brands to customize and optimize power consumption proposals to achieve smart power consumption

walk along the antique midnight Road, "huoshuyinhua" adds a modern flavor to the night of the ancient town. In Wuzhen, through Internet technology, street lamps have been fully incorporated into the smart street lamp cloud service platform. The platform can automatically adjust the light and switch according to longitude and latitude, weather, pedestrian and vehicle flow, and can also realize remote and intelligent single light control. Smart streetlights save another 20% on the basis of LED streetlights

the power life efficiency of the ancient town is getting higher and higher. Here, through the implementation of "electricity subtraction and service addition", the application of "interconnection + power supply service" is expanded, and the linkage between real estate registration and the transfer of water, electricity, gas and television ownership is realized. The power business is handled online through the handheld power app. The common businesses of all residents and some enterprises "do not run once", and the people can enjoy power services without leaving their homes

green travel in ancient towns is also faster and faster. On November 28, Fei Jiahui, a girl from Hebei Province, rented an electric car to Youwu town. When the power was in a hurry, she located the nearest charging pile by searching the "e charging" app on. Swipe the card - select the amount - insert the charging port - lock the charging. After a few simple steps, Wuzhen's "smart electricity" will flow into her car. In Wuzhen, people rely on Internet information technology to turn solar energy into electricity on the roof, opening another window for people's green life

smart travel, handheld power, green new energy... Driven by the Internet, smart energy has increasingly become the "converter" of the town's economic development mode and the "booster" of industrial upgrading. An action plan of "interconnection + smart energy" has been launched

Mao Dun, a literary giant, is still reciting the poem "ginkgo in Tang Dynasty, Zhaoming library is faint", but at the same time, both the millennium old town and the traditional power industry will take off with the help of the Internet and embrace the new era

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