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The development opportunities of corrugated box industry

1. The focus of corrugated box industry in Asia is shifting to China

recently, Mr. Liao baohao, the former president of corrugated box Association in Asia, pointed out that China will become the focus and leader of corrugated box production and sales in Asia. According to President Liao, China's carton sales are growing rapidly, in sharp contrast to the shrinking sales in Asia and even the rest of the world. In Asia, South Korea, Singapore and other places have seen negative growth. In 1996, the sales volume of cartons in China was about 8billion square meters, only half of that in Japan. In 2000, the sales volume has increased to 1.25 million square meters. It is estimated that by 2008, China's carton sales will reach 20billion square meters, while Japan will maintain at 13.5 billion square meters

among all continents in the world, at present, the sales volume of corrugated boxes ranks first in North America, second in Europe and third in Asia, with an area of about 40 billion square meters. In the next six to seven years, the rapid development of China's economy in Asia, if the purchase price is much lower than the average price, will drive and promote the sales of corrugated boxes in Asia to surpass that in North America and leap to the first place in the world

2. The largest packaging market in the international economy

with China's economic development and the growth of foreign trade exports, it is expected that by 2010, the demand for the size of the packaging market will reach at least 500-600 billion yuan. In the 21st century, China will be the largest packaging market in the international economy, and the corresponding demand for packaging raw materials and packaging machinery will also increase significantly. Experts predict that the annual growth rate of the demand for umbrella ball packaging machinery is about 5.3%, which will reach US $29billion in 2005 and US $40billion in 2010, of which China and India will account for the largest share. Therefore, the demand for packaging machinery in both international and domestic markets is huge. Such a large demand will also stimulate and stimulate the accelerated development of China's packaging industry

3. With the gradual integration of China's packaging market with the international packaging market and its great role in safety work, China's packaging enterprises will directly face the competition of foreign enterprises

of course, foreign capital competing in China's packaging market, including packaging, printing, equipment, software development, packaging and printing materials, as well as international cooperation in packaging education, are being baptized by the international market. The pace of foreign enterprises entering the Chinese market has accelerated, and the forms are far from limited to the previous projects such as joint ventures, cooperation and office building. The huge amount is amazing. The action of more than ten million and hundreds of millions of dollars is not uncommon. Huge financial support, mature market and management experience not only make it benefit quickly in China's market, but also provide a rare opportunity for the development of China's packaging industry

4. In recent years, the state has continuously increased its investment in the packaging industry.

in the first three years of 2002, 9 billion yuan, 10.5 billion yuan and 7.04 billion yuan of additional national debt funds were used for technological transformation, of which packaging and related industries were identified as one of the "six and a half landmark goals" and received key support. At present, 21 national technological transformation projects have been implemented in the packaging paper industry, with a total investment of 14 billion yuan, including a loan of 8.2 billion yuan. The benefits of these key enterprise technological transformation projects have begun to appear, so that the competitiveness of these enterprises in the domestic and international markets has been significantly enhanced by the original service provider continuing to provide standardized products to its customers in a production situation

the export part is likely to rise rapidly. At present, some relatively new domestic technologies are applicable technologies and equipment for the Southeast Asian market, Russian market, Middle East and African market in the next few years, and the export prospect is promising

development trend

packaging production tends to be diversified; Packaging equipment development to multi-purpose, efficient development; The packaging design conforms to international standards; Reduce the total cost of packaging materials and packaging systems; Sales packaging will become an important factor in promotion

1. products are developing in the direction of giving full play to the packaging function

as we all know, packaging has seven functions: protecting commodities, beautifying commodities, saving costs, facilitating storage and transportation, facilitating measurement, guiding consumption, and improving added value. To sum up, there are two categories. One is functionality, which embodies the essence of packaging; The other is value-added, which promotes the sales of goods, and shows the charm and effect of packaging. In the past, corrugated boxes were mainly used as transportation packaging to protect commodities and achieve functional purposes. With the development of economy and the improvement of packaging requirements for commodities, corrugated boxes should not only play a functional role in protecting commodities, saving costs, facilitating storage and transportation, and facilitating measurement, but also play a value-added role in beautifying commodities, guiding consumption, and improving added value, requiring them to show the charm and effect of packaging, and promote the sales of commodities. Therefore, at present, corrugated boxes are developing from the past as transportation packaging to the future as a combination of transportation packaging and sales packaging. They have stronger adaptability, wider range of use, and constantly meet the needs of commodity packaging. They have become very ideal packaging products for all kinds of commodities

2. Carton machinery is developing towards high-grade, international and multipolar positioning.

the corrugated box industry in our company has developed from single machine to single machine, and then from ordinary corrugated production line to high-grade production line, which is fully in line with the national conditions of Burundi, and the development is normal and healthy. At present, carton machinery has fully entered the production line period, and single-sided machines and single-sided machines have been basically eliminated. The corrugated production line is basically made in China and provided by several large enterprises such as "Jingshan" in Hubei Province, "Zhaoqing" in Guangdong Province and "Handan" in Hebei Province. Some enterprises have also imported high-end equipment from Italy, Germany, the United States, Japan and other countries, which is also the general trend of development

corrugated box experts believe that in China's economically developed regions, the goal of carton machinery in the future will be to develop to high-end. The upscale domestic equipment will be manufactured by a few companies at present, and gradually move towards multipolarization, resulting in new competition. Users can choose from more manufacturers. Taiwan's "Mingwei" and Taiwan's "yongjinda" in Shenzhen have obviously become active. And in three to five years, high-end equipment from Italy, Germany, the United States and Japan will flow into China in batches. Because the cycle of domestic equipment is generally about five years, after three to five years, China's corrugated box machinery will be fully integrated into internationalization

the experience of corrugated box modernization in developed countries shows that the development of carton industry and carton machinery industry complement each other. Industry experts predict that the number of corrugated production lines in China will cool down from this year. In the next decade and two decades, the number of corrugated cardboard production lines in China will be adjusted from the current 3000 lines to about 1500 lines, including 1000 high-end lines and 500 medium and low-end lines. Therefore, the domestic corrugated box machinery manufacturing industry must from now on, from quantity to quality, from medium and low-grade to medium and high-grade. The large, comprehensive, small and scattered industrial structure of the packaging machinery industry must be adjusted through reorganization, reorganization, merger and other ways to improve the level of packaging machinery

packaging machinery manufacturers pay more and more attention to the development of fast and low-cost packaging equipment. The future development trend is that the equipment is smaller, more flexible, versatile and efficient. It also includes saving time and reducing costs. Therefore, what the packaging industry pursues is combined, concise and movable packaging equipment because of its different architecture. In the aspect of packaging machinery automation, automatic operation procedures have been widely used, such as pi, C equipment, data collection system, etc

3. Develop lightweight and diversified corrugated box industry, reduce the total cost of packaging system

packaging will use lighter materials, reduce shipping costs, shorten production time with specially designed components and systems, and strive towards the goal of providing a variety of packaging operations with minimum materials. The packaging industry is focusing on how to reduce packaging waste and labor costs in operating procedures, and how to reduce inventory and handling costs from the circulation system

what is the goal of lightweight corrugated boxes? The three-layer corrugated box in the United States accounts for 89.4%, the three-layer corrugated box in Japan accounts for 84.6%, and the five and seven layers account for only 10%. This is lightweight. China is on the contrary: five layer corrugated boxes account for more than 80%, and three-layer corrugated boxes account for only about 15%, which is weight. Using more two-layer paper is a waste of 2/5 of the paper, which also causes packaging waste to pollute the environment

the modernization of China's corrugated box industry is a lightweight development, which completely depends on the total domestic production, product structure and export commodities. The total domestic production is the foundation, the product structure is the premise, and the commodity export is the level. At the same time, other comprehensive factors should be considered

on the other hand, wood waste in wooden pallet packaging and wooden box packaging; As green paper products, white pollution and black pollution such as plastic foam liner packaging, disposable plastic foam fast food boxes and plastic film bags have basically not entered the replacement period

corrugated board products have developed from simplification to diversification. In China, corrugated board cartoning has been simplified for a long time, and foreign developed countries have long developed corrugated board from simplified cartoning to diversified products. In Japan, 60% of corrugated cardboard boxes are made, and the remaining 40% of corrugated cardboard is developed into other products. For example, corrugated furniture, corrugated toys, corrugated cardboard diversified products. It can greatly alleviate the serious surplus crisis of corrugated board in China, and also find a new way out for the major adjustment of corrugated industry in China

4. Sales packaging has been regarded as the driving force for the development of the packaging industry.

sales packaging is the comprehensive embodiment of the professional characteristics and skills of various packaging. With the sales of goods, it reaches the hand weight of consumers together with goods. It is the terminal link of supporting services for products, gives people a first impression with the appearance of products, and plays the role of a salesperson. Therefore, the success of sales packaging, to a large extent, is related to the market share of products, and even affects the efficiency and survival of enterprises. Only by recognizing that sales packaging is the mainstream of packaging, can we consciously plan and coordinate the synchronous development and common improvement of other packaging majors in the development of the entire packaging industry, taking the development needs of sales packaging as the starting point. Sales packaging will also constantly provide new designs, new materials, new processes and new equipment to meet the technical requirements, so as to promote a virtuous circle in the packaging field. In short, sales packaging has been regarded as the driving force for the development of packaging industry

5. technological innovation and the trend of user market

demand is the driving force for the development of the carton industry. The market has an increasing demand for cartons with high intensity and good display efficiency. Its development trend is: 1) low weight, high strength, lightweight and low cost; 2) The focus has shifted from traditional packaging to printing, requiring multi-color, dot, beauty, sense of independence, accelerating the development of flexographic printing, and developing from transportation packaging to commodity sales packaging; 3) Develop small corrugated micro and special-shaped cartons; 4) Carton from single function to multi-function. This development trend requires the carton weight to print clear graphics and texts, beautiful and bright, which puts forward higher requirements for the quality of high-strength, low gram weight base paper and corrugated board, printing machinery accuracy, ink, plate materials, etc

corrugated board is the base material for manufacturing all kinds of corrugated boxes. Therefore, we should actively develop new materials, products and technologies in this regard. The second is

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