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The "smart" gun rang out, and home appliance enterprises made a unified start on the new starting line

Meiling appliance under Changhong announced that it would hold a new release conference of smart air conditioners on March 31, 2014, which is another masterpiece of the "chiq" brand after Changhong chiq TV and chiq refrigerator. On February 26, Meiling just launched the world's first full market cloud image recognition refrigerator, chiq refrigerator. Changhong is obviously launching its intelligent products in a rhythmic and planned way

as early as 2011, Changhong established the "three coordinates" of intelligence, networking and collaboration to comprehensively build family interconnection. At the press conference of chiq TV and chiq refrigerator, Zhao Yong, chairman of Changhong, wore T-shirts and jeans as the release platform of Changhong's chiq TV and chiq refrigerator. Zhao Yong, who even wore formal clothes for travel, let people first understand the changes of Changhong from the perspective of clothes

Changhong has long concluded that with the popularization and development of networking and digitalization, the era of intelligence is bound to come

obviously, Changhong is not alone in the transformation of the intelligent era. Since 2014, many white electricity enterprises have begun to launch intelligent white electricity products, and the industry has even defined 2014 as the first year of intelligence

at the just concluded 2014 China home appliance Expo (Shanghai), enterprises gathered to display new intelligent products. Hisense launched a smart refrigerator with "IQ" high enough to "talk" with people and food. This is the first smart refrigerator equipped with NFC technology in China, which greatly improves the interaction ability between the refrigerator and people. In the future, the refrigerator will not only be a kitchen center, but also a community service center. Food management, health management, refrigerator management, shopping, community service and other things in family life are closely related to family life, which can be concentrated on the refrigerator in the future

at the same time, the sales volume of Boston Scientific is 46% (US $900 million). Meiling chiq refrigerator on display uses the world's first cloud image recognition technology, integrates cloud computing, IOT, big data, frequency conversion and other technologies, and realizes that chiq refrigerator "keeps freshness under control at any time, reminds the shelf life at any time, and knows money at any time", completely changing the passive acceptance of traditional refrigerators into intelligent reminders, so as to realize the information interaction between refrigerators and users

Zhong Mingbo, vice president of Meiling 4 The sergeant of the measurement process said, "the launch of smart terminals is only the first step. At present, pad and other mobile terminals have cooperated with chiq refrigerators. Next, we will build a unified smart white cloud service platform, successively promote the intellectualization of air conditioners, kitchen and bathroom products, build a complete smart kitchen together with the company's chiq TV, and finally integrate into the company's smart home layout to jointly promote Changhong's home interconnection strategy."

Zhong Ming made it clear what household appliance enterprises want to do and are doing. In fact, other household appliance enterprises are doing similar things

at the 2014 China home appliance Expo (Shanghai), Midea and its just released m-smart smart smart home products made an overall appearance. M-smart smart smart home strategy, relying on advanced technologies such as IOT and cloud computing, launched four smart home housekeeping systems, "air smart housekeeping", "nutrition smart housekeeping", "water health smart housekeeping" and "energy security smart housekeeping", and proposed the strategic core of "1+1+1" (a smart housekeeping system + an m-smart interactive community + an M-BOX Management Center). It is understood that in 2014, Midea Group will accelerate the launch of new smart products and is expected to launch 25 categories in succession. In March 2014, Midea launched two series of smart products, Midea smart kitchen (Nutrition) and Midea smart air conditioner (air). Midea smart electric water heater, Midea smart air purifier and Midea smart central air conditioner will also be launched in the first half of the year

a few days after Midea's m-smart smart smart home strategy was released, Haier held the world's first smart life operating system in Shanghai. It is noteworthy that this system is a cross brand, cross terminal Smart Life operating system. Smart terminals of different brands and categories can run under one system. This operating system reflects unprecedented openness. At present, Risco, a world-class security enterprise, has become a home intelligent security terminal. The physical fitness monitoring of the public meteorological service center of the China Meteorological Administration, baidu cloud, Tencent and huofaer has also been connected to the cloud service platform. Users can enjoy a full range of services from air to meng1 tin of food, information and so on. At present, the u+ system can link air conditioners, humidifiers and air purifiers.

from the perspective of products, Changhong may next release intelligent kitchen products at the government level, and Haier may involve wearable products in the future. In short, under the big "shell" of "intelligent system", intelligent life will have infinite possibilities. In fact, for consumers, using intelligent terminals to control household appliances is not really intelligent. The real intelligence is that household appliances can perceive consumer needs and make operations and adjustments. The more intelligent, the simpler, this may be the most comfortable intelligent experience for consumers

why do household appliance enterprises get together "smart"

first of all, the development of interconnection has made the interconnection of household appliances a simple thing. At present, almost all urban families cannot live without connections, and young people have become downright "bow heads" and deep "touch". At the same time, the high popularity of intelligence, pad and computer has laid a hardware foundation for using intelligent terminals to control intelligent household appliances. In addition, the development of cloud computing technology has provided conditions for large-scale promotion of smart home appliances and smart homes. Smart home users can use smart terminals (tablet computers and other wireless devices), log in to the cloud platform anytime and anywhere, check the status of smart home, modify strategies, view system suggestions, remote control, etc., and send instructions or receive information to them. The backstage staff can provide better and more accurate services according to the data fed back by users and products

secondly, intelligence is the new starting line. After years of development and market elimination, the basic seating of the home appliance industry has been scheduled, and the advent of the smart spring tide has given the whole industry a chance to start again. Although intellectualization is a gradual process, the home appliance industry too needs an opportunity to find a new blue ocean, and also gives industries that lack policy support a new concept to attract investment

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