The hottest smart home is in the battle for entry,

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Smart home is in the battle of entrance, and the construction of full intelligence also requires an integrated solution

all kinds of smart speakers continue to innovate and continue to realize intelligent upgrading, so as to strive to be the entrance of smart furniture and complete the broader layout of the enterprise. No matter what kind of smart home space scheme, it still presents a single feature, and cannot realize linkage as a whole

it is difficult to build an integrated smart home space with a single entrance. Home lighting system, monitoring system, electrical control system and other kinds of home equipment control, only in the integrated operating system to achieve one button unified management, can we realize the upgrading of smart home in the real sense

to build an integrated smart home system, embedded hardware, as an important foothold for the construction of the basic hardware layer, can work in it. Whether as a functional module of the control hardware system or as a branch of the security monitoring system, North China industrial control can participate in it with technical solutions

‖ North China industrial control smart home security embedded its connection angle sensor computer scheme

North China industrial control 4K network camera lab-8606a based on IP camera special processor is based on Intelligent Hisilicon chipset vision platform, with high-quality ultra-high definition video coding and decoding capabilities, rich interfaces, strong scalability and other special uniform loading points. It is tailored for the network IP video monitoring system, which is pregnant with a business opportunity with infinite profits. The product has high-quality encoding and decoding ability, and adopts high-quality carbon high-strength structural steel box, which has excellent industrial grade performance

∥ North China industrial control smart home speech recognition embedded motherboard scheme

building smart home space, speech recognition has been regarded as the core technology of interaction, and its non-contact advantage makes it an important node in the construction of smart space, so as to realize spatial interaction. In the construction of integrated smart voice home space, the distributed voice scheme is combined with various devices such as switch panel, thermostat, refrigerator and so on

by giving the product scheme high-quality 24-hour real-time voice storage capacity and building a basic voice recognition hardware platform, we can ensure the efficient and stable operation of the voice recognition process. At the same time, by building a high-quality encoding and decoding video engine, the product scheme has excellent image and video scene construction ability, so as to build the practical application performance of the product at multiple levels of digital scene construction and speech recognition

in the IP customs and control system, North China industrial control has many embedded board schemes that can participate in the construction of smart home scenarios. For the technology and scheme requirements presented in the process of smart home integration controlled by single-chip microcomputer, North China industrial control will also launch more feasible schemes, so that North China industrial control scheme can participate in it with a more holistic attitude

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