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Problems and Countermeasures of the outer packaging of blasting equipment

1 Introduction

civil blasting equipment is a special commodity, which has the risk of flammability and explosion. Mining and urban and rural construction are inseparable from blasting equipment. At present, the common civil explosive equipment used in mining are: 84# water resistant explosive and emulsion explosive; Detonating bomb; 85 # fire detonators, electric detonators and non electric pairs are convenient and practical to obtain experimental data of various materials; Detonator; Detonating cord and detonating tube; 86 # fuse, etc. In addition to requiring the internal quality of the products to meet the national standards, the outer packaging of blasting equipment should also stand the test of transportation and storage, and have the characteristics of safety, reliability, convenient use and easy management

2 current situation of external packaging of blasting equipment

at present, the external packaging of initiating explosive devices in various civil explosive equipment manufacturers, whether it is 84 #, 85 #, 86 #, has a situation of mixed good and bad, diverse, and different things

2.1 the size of the packing box is not uniform

the size of the packing box (length * width * height) of each manufacturer is random. Taking 24kg emulsion explosive as an example, the overall dimensions are 470mm*275mm*205mm, 450mm*285mm*210mm, 500mm*300mm*170mm, 480mm*270mm*200mm. The same is true for non electric detonator boxes, including 450mm*380mm*290mm small boxes, 550mm*380mm*320mm medium boxes, and 573mm*327mm*281mm large boxes

2.2 the materials of the packaging boxes are messy

except for the cartons for explosive boxes, large packages of medicinal woven bags, and wooden boxes for fire detonators and electric detonators, there are also two kinds of non electric detonator packaging: wooden boxes and cartons, and the materials are different

2.3 the quantity of initiating explosive devices packed is inconsistent

the quantity of initiating explosive devices packed is also inconsistent due to the different size of the packaging box set by each factory. as Ф 70mm emulsion explosive, including 24kg, 25kg and 30kg; also Ф 90mm emulsion explosive is packed in a box of 28KG. Another example is the same 15m non electric detonator detonators. Some factories install 100 rounds a box, while some factories only install 75 rounds, 80 rounds, 90 rounds, and 120 rounds. Another example is small detonators, including 100 rounds per box, 120 rounds per box, 140 rounds per box, and 160 rounds per box, etc

2.4 the packaging tape and sealing are not standardized

the outer packaging used is divided into new tape and recycled tape, and the packaging forms are diversified, some are marked with the word "well", some are marked with the word "≠", and some are only marked with the word "two" for Jerry built products. There is paper tape and adhesive tape for sealing. The packaging boxes of individual manufacturers are seriously damaged due to poor quality and poor sealing of recycled packaging tapes

2.5 the product information is incomplete

the product information should be marked on the outer package of blasting equipment, which is one of the main basis of civil blasting management; However, the packaging marks of each manufacturer are different, arranged in different ways, simple and complex, and five of them are the same as the color of cars, with eight flowers. Some factories do not even have the production license number, "explosives" mark and production date, and there are also phenomena of borrowing and mixing packaging. Some product labels are not pasted firmly, and after several times of loading and unloading, the relevant information labels are lost or incomplete. Especially since the implementation of detonator coding and microcomputer management, it will bring difficulties and inconvenience to management and use due to the inconsistency between the physical object and the external label information, confusion, ambiguity, missing items, etc

3 analysis of the causes of the existing problems

the randomness and irregularity of the outer packaging of blasting equipment in various manufacturers, which looks like a small thing, but in fact, it does great harm. Some of them are difficult to transport, load and unload due to the poor quality of the outer packaging. They are moved to the warehouse and stacked improperly, and the damage rate exceeds the standard; In some cases, the space in the packaging box is too large, and the initiating explosive devices are unstable in the box, which increases the risk of flammability and explosion; The packaging quantity is not unified, and a little negligence is easy to cause errors in warehousing and warehousing; The marking information of the outer package is incomplete or ambiguous, which cannot be input into the computer and does not meet the needs of modern civil explosion management. The main reasons are as follows:

(1) during this period, the company cooperated with the national composite material center of the United Kingdom, Tencent advanced composite materials and Rolls Royce. The management departments at all levels lacked unified normative guidance standards for the outer packaging of blasting equipment, or the supervision and implementation of external packaging standards was not effective

(2) the enterprise leaders only pay attention to the internal quality of blasting equipment, but ignore the quality of outer packaging. They think that if the internal quality is good, the outer packaging is almost indifferent

(3) driven by the concept of economic profit, enterprises have insufficient understanding of the significance of improving outer packaging, and the selection of material standards is too low, shoddy, resulting in poor outer packaging quality

(4) there is a problem in the manufacturer's marketing concept, thinking that initiating explosive devices are controlled purchases and sold. 5. After receiving the user's rear market, "the emperor's daughter doesn't worry about getting married", "no matter how poor the packaging quality is, there are users who want it", and they are indifferent to the calls for improving the packaging quality

4 countermeasures and suggestions

in view of the problems existing in the outer packaging of blasting equipment at present, it is imperative to unify the outer packaging of blasting equipment and standardize it in order to promote the product quality of civil blasting industry to a new level and keep up with the rapid development of market economy. To this end, suggestions:

(1) strengthen leadership and raise awareness. Put the packaging standardization of initiating explosive devices on the leaders' agenda, combine internal quality with external packaging, and formulate and improve the packaging standardization of initiating explosive devices as soon as possible; Learn from the experience of the national building materials administration in the unified management of cement packaging, and implement unified and standardized management for the entire civil explosion industry

(2) grasp the typical, tree the model. A set of standard demonstration packaging of various varieties will be developed in the civil explosion system, and then promoted nationwide. For example, the 24kg emulsion explosive packaging of Shandong Xintai, the detonator packaging of Liaoning Qingyang, the electric detonator packaging of Hebei Kailuan and the fire detonator packaging box of Hebei Jingxing have achieved perfect internal quality and external packaging, which are well-known among users

(3) when carrying out the safety management inspection and acceptance of civil explosive equipment, strictly evaluate the internal quality and external packaging quality of the enterprise's products, so as to urge enterprises to pay attention to quality improvement, improve their market competitiveness, and integrate with the international market as soon as possible

(4) strengthen the modern management system of civil explosive equipment. We should pay close attention to the information of initiating explosive devices, especially detonator coding and microcomputer filing, and improve it as soon as possible from detonator numbering to detonator box label, outer packing box mark, electronic tracking card, etc. This will greatly promote the improvement of packaging quality

5 conclusion

as a special commodity, the packaging itself is the best publicity for the corporate image. The quality of its outer packaging directly affects the user's trust in the quality of initiating explosive devices. In the fierce commodity competition, instead of spending a lot of money on advertising, it is better to start from the product packaging of your own enterprise, improve its grade, and serve users well, so as to enhance market competitiveness. The standardization of blasting equipment packaging involves many disciplines, such as management, economics, aesthetics, psychology and so on. We need to carefully study and constantly explore to make it adapt to the modern civil blasting management

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