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Problems and Countermeasures of carton packaging for electronic products (Part 2)

(III) micro corrugated packaging has many advantages

in the United States, the consumption of micro corrugated packaging for digital and small household appliances is increasing at a rate of 2% per year; In Europe, the consumption of micro corrugated packaging was estimated to account for 12% of the total packaging in 2004. According to statistics, the current output of micro corrugated board in the world market accounts for 8% of the total output of corrugated board. It is expected that it will continue to grow in the next five years, with an annual growth rate of about 20%. In terms of ridge type, it is developing towards g-ridge and n-ridge. In China, digital small household appliances of enterprises such as BenQ, Motorola, Haier, Philips, Sony and so on are all using micro corrugated packaging

due to the advantages of high compressive strength and exquisite printing, micro corrugated packaging has been recognized by users, and the consumption is increasing steadily. At present, domestic enterprises apply e-corrugated more. For example, large enterprises such as Siemens have put forward the requirement of using smaller corrugated such as g-corrugated

1. Micro corrugated packaging saves 20% of the cost. Compared with solid cardboard, low gram weight, high-strength micro corrugated cartons have better cost performance, so the packaging cost is more economical and reasonable. Under the same use conditions, micro corrugated packaging is more in line with the current development trend of "lightweight" packaging because of its low gram weight

2. The compression resistance and bursting resistance are more prominent. While reducing the cost, micro corrugated packaging also ensures the superior performance of cartons in other aspects. Compared with large corrugated packaging such as b-corrugated, micro corrugated packaging has lower corrugated height, more corrugated number per unit area, denser corrugated types, and stronger structure. Therefore, when using the same base paper and the same pressure, it has more obvious advantages in terms of pressure bearing strength and buffer capacity against parallel pressure. For example, the rupture strength of e-corrugated packaging box can reach 11kg/cm2. Generally, the load-bearing capacity of the outer packaging of paper products is at least 7 ~ 8 times greater than the weight of the packaging. In the selection of base paper, grey white board with good stiffness and burst resistance is used as the surface paper of micro corrugated packaging box. This 350 gram base paper makes the protective performance of the carton more prominent and effectively ensures the quality of products during transportation

3. Ink and UV varnish ensure fine printing. The pressure bearing degree of micro corrugated packaging is good, so it has a strong color expressiveness. In addition, the high stability of gray background whiteboard can ensure the printing adaptability. It adopts four or five color printing, with exquisite patterns and bright colors, which has a strong visual effect, and the excellent printing effect well highlights the quality of the content. In order to ensure the printing quality, water-based ink with good wear-resistant effect is selected and coated with UV varnish to protect the printing

(IV) "green channel" to replace EPS foamed plastic

1. According to relevant data, since the second half of the previous year, the brand air conditioners of well-known enterprises at home and abroad, such as Kelon, Changhong, Haier, Hisense, Aucma, Gree, Midea, have also successively adopted honeycomb paperboard materials to replace EPS foamed plastic liners and wooden pallets, in line with the international market. The use of honeycomb paperboard not only reduces the packaging cost (the packaging cost of each cabinet air conditioner is reduced by about 15 ~ 20 yuan), but also eliminates "white pollution" and opens up a smooth "green channel" for the export of foreign trade enterprises

2. The reuse of packaging waste is also significant. The waste corrugated board and corner board are processed into packaging seats, liners, jackets, etc. through the subsequent processing procedures (mainly pasting, cutting and molding), which replace EPS foam. With its low cost and excellent effect, it has become a new highlight to reduce the packaging cost, realize the further reduction of the packaging cost, and improve the packaging quality at the same time

3. Change the nail box to stick box, which is more environmentally friendly. Foreign countries attach great importance to environmental protection. Germany requires that the outer packaging cartons of China's export products should not use any metal plastic nails or clips, but can only be glued on all sides, so as to facilitate the recycling of cartons and reduce environmental pollution. Speaking of environmental protection, the use of nail boxes or sticky boxes has become a topic of concern. Nail box method has mature technology, fast speed, low price and other characteristics. However, using nail box, on the one hand, nails are easy to wear out the plastic bag in the box, on the other hand, nails are easy to rust, which is not conducive to recycling, thus affecting product hygiene; Compared with nailed boxes, the price of gluing boxes is high. For carton factories, if the cost of gluing boxes can be reduced, they will win more customers

(V) develop new packaging designs to reduce costs

"Huashan has been a way since ancient times." is the only way to control carton costs is to control the cost of base paper? The answer is No. In the face of the rising price of base paper, controlling the cost of base paper is only one of the solutions, not the only solution. Provide customers with more design services, design packaging scientifically and reasonably, and attract more users on the one hand and reduce the cost of cartons on the other hand by changing the box type design

Skyworth Group has reduced its packaging cost by 20% through the redesign of packaging and the R & D and use of new materials and the combination of self-developed corrugated cardboard and honeycomb cardboard. TCL has begun to improve the design of cartons, and the cost has been reduced by about 10% after improving the corrugated shape, gram weight, box shape and backing materials of paper. Blindly pushing down the price to the carton factory will only lead to the decline of the quality of packaged products and the damage of products in the process of transportation. Only through the research and development of new products and the use of new materials can we really achieve the purpose of reducing packaging costs

the new packaging design developed by Shenzhen Huali Packaging Co., Ltd. is an effective way to reduce product costs. After helping TCL improve the carton design, they successfully reduced the consumption of raw materials and ensured the profit of the enterprise while meeting the price reduction requirements of customers. Now this improvement is still in progress. The cooperation with TCL made them taste the "sweetness" of packaging design and see the "glimmer of light" in the fierce price competition. To this end, they are also preparing to spend millions of yuan to build a new design and development center to reduce costs by constantly developing new packaging designs. China Power's strategy Hytrel is to seek benefits from science and technology

the following is the schematic diagram before and after the improvement of the corrugated cardboard packing box design scheme for outdoor units of Hisense household air conditioning products. Most domestic air conditioning enterprises currently adopt the traditional packing box design scheme shown in Figure 1. In actual use, the packaging box in Figure 1 can't really protect the outdoor unit of the air conditioner with a self weight of about 30kg or 40kg from the side impact, because once such a side impact occurs, the protection of the product with corrugated boxes may be less damaged than that without corrugated boxes, but as long as the product is damaged, it is unacceptable for consumption except for the uneven jaw, For manufacturers, the losses are the same. Based on the above analysis, the design of the corrugated packaging box of the outdoor unit of the air conditioner is optimized, the function of fixing and protecting the buffer is retained, and the part of protecting the side impact of the product is simplified. As shown in Figure 2, the new corrugated box design scheme can reduce the consumption of corrugated paper by nearly 60% - 70%. The actual overall packaging scheme is shown in the figure

for production enterprises, this packaging scheme not only reduces the material cost of corrugated cardboard, which has become the "lightest material" in the world so far, but also promotes all relevant parties and personnel to standardize their work and management level to solve this problem in all links of product circulation, especially to reduce rough handling. In addition, the reduction of the consumption of corrugated board is of great significance to the current environmental protection, avoiding excessive packaging. China has an annual output of nearly 20million sets of split air conditioners, which can reduce the consumption of corrugated board by nearly 32000 tons per year. (to be continued)

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