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Problems and development suggestions in the production of PVC paste resin in China after decades of development, the production technology and production capacity of PVC paste resin in China have been greatly developed. The introduced production technology basically includes the most important production methods of PVC paste resin in the contemporary world, but there is still a certain gap compared with the world's advanced level, which is mainly reflected in: (1) the level of comprehensive production technology is not high, Such as the level of overall equipment and supporting equipment, production consumption level, stability of product quality, etc; In particular, the distribution is uneven (2) the product varieties are relatively single, and the imported product brands are all general homopolymers. Some raw materials and special varieties used in high-end paste resin products still need to be introduced from abroad; (3) The application level of PVC paste resin is not high, which restricts the production of PVC paste resin; (4) The production of other copolymers such as mixed resin is still in the stage of experiment or small-scale production; (5) The production of supporting impact modifier has not been paid enough attention

the industry believes that in view of the existing problems, we should do something in the future: (1) on the basis of introducing technology, we should do a good job in the production of general varieties and brands by adjusting process ingredients and polymerization conditions, and strive to achieve high product quality and low consumption quota; (2) Develop some special resin varieties for special purposes such as artificial leather, conveyor belts, decorative bodies, automotive adhesives, architectural coatings, special gloves, etc., and form their own special products to meet the needs of users at home and abroad; (3) On the basis of existing production, all manufacturers should try their best to increase the demand for a variety of PVC paste resins and improve the market share of their products at the same time; (4) We should continue to strengthen the application and development, broaden the application scope of PVC paste resin, promote the production of PVC paste resin with the application of PVC paste resin, and develop the production of PVC paste resin in China towards serialization, high quality and large-scale. The equipment adopts the double tube structure mold printing ink, which has high requirements for formula and low cost, so as to catch up with the advanced level of foreign countries as soon as possible, so as to meet the severe test after China's entry into WTO

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