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With the development of society and the substantial improvement of people's living standards, various electrical appliances have gradually entered ordinary families, but the incidence of electrical fires is also rising year by year. In order to find the hidden danger of electrical fire as soon as possible and reduce the incidence of electrical fire, electrical fire safety testing company came into being. As a new industry, there are many hot issues worthy of discussion while attracting much attention

1. Production of gas fire safety testing company

1.1 realistic conditions for production

how to choose a reassuring data pulling machine? The data tensile machine can test the stretching, tightening, bending, shearing, peeling, tearing, two-point extension (with extension meter) of various metal and non-metallic materials. In recent ten years, the incidence of electrical fire has been high, and even showed an upward trend (as shown in the table). The development of society requires an electrical fire safety situation

the occurrence of electrical fires nationwide

the normal work of public security fire protection institutions and electrical fire safety testing intermediaries can effectively protect the interests of owners, realize the fair benefits of advanced battery materials, avoid unnecessary investment and avoid repeated testing. The author believes that the scope of electrical fire safety inspection should be defined from the following aspects:

① new buildings

② used buildings with reconstruction and change of building electrical lines or facilities

⑥ used buildings that have reached the detection cycle; All kinds of electrical lines and facilities have a certain life. According to this law, a detection cycle can be formulated, and the detection is required upon expiration, so as to effectively ensure the electrical fire safety and minimize the possibility of electrical fire

(4) establish the legal status of law enforcement and supervision of electrical fire safety testing by public security fire protection institutions. Electrical fire safety inspection is a part of fire protection work, and its work should be guided and supervised by the specific implementer of fire protection work, the public security fire department. To clarify the competent department of electrical fire safety testing is the premise to manage and supervise the electrical fire safety testing according to law and bring it into the legal track

3. the technical specification for electrical fire safety inspection needs to be issued as soon as possible. The technical specification for electrical fire safety inspection is the basis for the implementation and judgment of the technical work of the electrical fire safety inspection company. At present, some provinces are preparing to formulate local testing technical regulations, but they have not been officially introduced yet. A lot of careful work must be done to formulate an applicable testing technical specification

(1) identify the test object. The electrical system contains a wide range of contents. Only by clarifying the detection object, can we avoid the blindness of electrical fire safety detection and not include the object that does not belong to the scope of electrical fire safety detection into the detection work. The author believes that the objects of electrical fire safety testing mainly include two categories: electrical equipment and electrical circuits. Electrical equipment includes power transformation and distribution facilities, various electrical equipment and electrical control devices. Electrical lines include power supply and distribution lines, grounding devices and line protection devices and measures (such as pipe threading measures)

(2) delimit the test items. On the basis of the test object, the test items of different test objects

are defined. From a practical point of view, electrical safety accidents do not only include fire safety, but their detection items should be limited rather than an all inclusive and non-specific universal specification. The inspection items of electrical fire safety inspection should only be items related to fire safety. For example, electrical overheating, heat accumulation, discharge, insulation or grounding failure and lack of protective measures should be important contents of the test items

(3) clarifying the detection methods, procedures and tools is an important content of standardizing electrical fire safety detection. Only when all testing institutions carry out their work in accordance with the testing methods, procedures and tools specified in the specifications, which are indispensable testing equipment for material development, physical property experiments, teaching research, quality control, incoming inspection, random inspection of production lines, can the scientific and reliable testing results be effectively guaranteed. Detection methods can be divided into visual inspection and instrument inspection. The testing tools shall include various electrical measuring instruments and special equipment for measuring the possibility of overheating or discharge

(4) specify the standardized technical requirements of the tested object and the comparison and judgment method of the test results. The standardized technical requirements of the tested object, that is, the specification requirements of electrical installation, compare the test results with them, and draw a conclusion whether they are consistent or not, so as to finally determine whether the system meets the fire safety requirements. During the determination, the nonconformities shall be divided into general defects and fatal defects, and the test results shall be determined as qualified, basically qualified and unqualified according to the number of defects

4 the state should speed up the introduction of corresponding macro management measures to standardize the electrical fire safety testing market and make law enforcement more operational

(1) regulate electrical? The establishment conditions and procedures of Xiaofang safety testing company. Electrical fire safety testing has important practical significance to reduce and reduce electrical fires. Therefore, electrical fire safety testing should have its own working conditions, which can not be carried out by any company. The author believes that the basic conditions for the establishment of the electrical fire safety testing company should be: the company's personnel must master the fire technical specifications and testing technical procedures, must be proficient in the testing methods and procedures, and be proficient in using testing tools; The company must have certain civil capacity, fixed business premises and a full set of testing equipment; The establishment procedure should be reported to the Administration for Industry and Commerce and the tax bureau for relevant procedures after passing the training and examination of the public security fire protection institution

(2) establish a training assessment system. After the electrical fire safety testing company has obtained the qualification, the public security fire protection institution should conduct a comprehensive assessment of its employees every year, inspect its equipment, select excellent materials and special process means for precise manufacturing inspection, and judge whether the company has the conditions to continue to work based on the above situation

(3) establish an enterprise credit evaluation management system. Implement the credit star evaluation system for the electrical fire safety testing company and its employees, carry out dynamic management, and create a good atmosphere of striving to create stars; A series of incentive policies have been issued to facilitate the normal implementation of the credit evaluation management system

5 conclusion

the electrical fire safety testing work is still in the initial stage, and its development and growth also need the strong support of the government and people from all walks of life. We believe that with the continuous development of this sunrise industry, the overall fire safety situation of society will also be greatly improved

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