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Problems and Countermeasures Faced by wood packaging for export commodities (Part 2)

III. countermeasures to be taken by relevant parties

1. Using new packaging materials to replace wood packaging materials

with the progress of science and technology, some new packaging materials with excellent functions, low relative cost, less space occupation and strong recyclability and utilization continue to appear. According to the characteristics of export commodities, we can use them alone, in combination or in combination, so as to replace wood packaging, so as to avoid high consumption of wood resources. For example, heavy corrugated cardboard boxes, honeycomb cardboard boxes, calcium plastic corrugated boxes instead of wooden boxes, containing hardware, small Electromechanical, etc., which has a wide range of promotion value in small and medium-sized packaging; Replace wooden barrels with plastic barrels and cardboard barrels to contain chemical and mineral products and agricultural and sideline products; Honeycomb sandwich board is used to replace wood production pallet or as bedding material; For heavy large packages, such as hydropower equipment, boiler pavers, etc., which often weigh dozens or even hundreds of tons, steel supports or chassis can be used to replace wood. In addition, for some commodity packages with special requirements, several materials can be used for composite or combined use. For example, in the export of flat glass, it is traditionally packed in checkered wooden boxes. Now it has been successfully studied to use corrugated cardboard to cover the four sides of 12 large glasses. The HDI factory, which was put into operation by costron in Shanghai base in July this year, is also a large-scale project in this 3billion Euro investment plan. The corrugated cardboard liner is vertically fixed on the steel frame and can be loaded and unloaded by crane or forklift

2. Improve the structural design of wood packaging and reduce the consumption of natural wood

because wood packaging has good load-bearing, compressive strength, bending strength and impact strength, it is also widely used in some large and medium-sized packaging, especially in some precision electromechanical product packaging. Nevertheless, the processing and using units of wood packaging should pay attention to the reasonable design of the packaging according to the characteristics of export commodities, such as compression resistance, shock resistance, load distribution and other characteristics, as well as the different loading, unloading and transportation conditions, so as to ensure that the strength of materials in all parts of the wood packaging is given full play to avoid excess packaging, so as to save wood. In addition, artificial wood can be used to replace natural wood. Plywood, fiberboard and other artificial wood can be processed into different layers and thicknesses with high efficiency and stability according to different strength requirements in the production process, and there are no major diseases and pests after hot pressing at more than 120 ℃. Using it to replace natural wood can improve the appearance quality of wood packaging, be convenient to use, and greatly reduce the difficulty of pest control

3. Strengthen the supervision of wood packaging of export commodities with quarantine requirements

because most of the wood packaging of export commodities outside the category table are processed dispersedly, the pest control treatment is usually carried out dispersedly after the packaging is used, which brings great inconvenience to the normal quarantine treatment work. In the long run, in order to implement the quarantine work of wood packaging for export commodities, it is necessary to register the wood packaging processing enterprises that have quarantine requirements, or recognize them in the enterprises that have obtained the quality license of export packaging, and implement fixed-point processing and centralized pest control, just as the commodity inspection implements the quality license management of wood packaging for legal inspection commodities. First of all, the processing enterprises should strictly select materials and carry out pest control treatment on the wood with diseases and pests before packaging and processing. At the same time, attention should be paid to improving the quality awareness and technical level of the units and personnel responsible for pest control and treatment to ensure the work effect of pest control and treatment

4. Research and use new pest control methods

at present, the pest control treatment generally adopts heat treatment, fumigation treatment or preservative treatment, which have disadvantages. Heat treatment with drying method, drying at 100 ℃ for 3-5 days, and when the moisture content of wood reaches 8%, insects, including eggs, can be completely eliminated. Fumigating with chemicals or preservatives is harmful to human body and easy to cause environmental pollution. Therefore, relevant units should explore economic, practical and hazard free pest control methods, such as: during drying heat treatment, can a small amount of chemical agents be added to rock wool, slag wool and their products gb/t11835 (1) 998 for thermal insulation, so as to achieve good pest control effect in a short time at a low drying temperature, without bringing harm to the surrounding environment. These works also need in-depth study by relevant departments

5. Strengthen cooperation and carry out comprehensive management

to fundamentally solve a series of problems faced by wood packaging of export goods, relevant departments need close cooperation and full cooperation. Export units should actively improve the packaging and reduce the utilization rate of wood packaging; Relevant wood packaging processing units should pay attention to improving the quality of wood packaging and the effect of pest control treatment; The entry-exit inspection and quarantine organ should strengthen publicity, strengthen the supervision of the processing and use units of wood packaging for export commodities, and pay attention to the compulsory implementation of the plastic runway standard for wood packaging inspection of export goods.nbsp; Ningbo made new runway materials are favored by the market, and the inspection work is combined with the quarantine work in order to get twice the result with half the effort. Only in this way can wooden packaging for export commodities survive

from the perspective of long-term development, the restrictions of the governments of the United States, Canada and other countries are not only a challenge, but also an opportunity for us. We should take this opportunity to actively carry out packaging improvement, explore new packaging materials to replace wood materials for processing export packaging, study and use new pest treatment methods, improve the effect of quarantine treatment, avoid environmental pollution, so as to protect our forest resources and the ecological environment on which we depend, This is of great significance to the sustainable growth of China's foreign trade exports

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