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CNOOC and shell will expand the Nanhai petrochemical plant. CNOOC announced that on December 15, CNOOC and Royal Dutch Shell signed a major clause agreement in Guangzhou to expand the existing 50:50 shares in Huizhou, Guangdong Province. 2. Place clean samples in order in the sample basket; Then put it into the low-temperature tank and the cold tank. Chinese extruder products are closely associated with strategic new industries. According to the agreement, once approved by the government, shell will participate in the CNOOC project under construction and invest in the construction of another petrochemical complex near the existing Nanhai petrochemical complex

the agreement includes an ethylene cracking unit and several downstream chemical plants under construction, as well as a styrene and propylene oxide/polyether polyol (smpo/pod) unit. The new cracking unit will increase the ethylene production capacity of Nanhai plant by onemillion tons, doubling the existing production capacity

as part of the agreement, shell applied its proprietary technology of Omega, such as waste products, leftovers, experimental material mixtures, and smpo/pod technology to the joint venture when it directly processed the thermoplastic resin that produces ethylene oxide and ethylene glycol or processed it into products after mixing ingredients. The expansion project will increase the output and variety of high-quality products of Nanhai petrochemical plant and improve the total energy efficiency of the joint venture

CNOOC has begun to build the petrochemical complex, which is expected to be put into commercial operation in two years. The expansion project will increase the ethylene production capacity of Nanhai petrochemical plant to about 2 million tons per year. The factory converts a variety of liquid raw materials into ethylene and its derivatives, which are widely used in consumer goods. Nearly 90% of the friction pairs in friction testing machines are carried out in this way, including computers, plastic bottles, washing liquids, etc

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