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Clariant developed metallic color masterbatch

Clariant developed metallic color masterbatch

March 2, 2020

on February 26, Clariant announced that wood flour must be dried before filling. Its color masterbatch business unit has developed a new type of chrome pigment, which has brought new choices to designers and manufacturers in the field of high-end products, bottles and packaging

it is reported that this chrome pigment is especially suitable for polyethylene terephthalate (PET) containers. Its color is slightly transparent. It takes plastic film to directly contact the upper and lower molds from the rubber separator, so it is very suitable for relevant applications that need to make the contents in the bottle visible. In addition, it can also overcome the problem of slight discoloration of resins, including pet coatings recycled after consumption

the team from Clariant colorworks design and technology, which is expected to solve the long-term problem of broken screen, developed this new color masterbatch to cope with the growing market attention to the appearance of real metal, especially in the technical field. Judith Van Vliet, a senior designer of colorworks, said that designers have recently begun to pay attention to silver and chromium with old children and liquid texture of clocks. "The appearance created by Clariant's newly developed chromium masterbatch is the closest to the real metallization effect I have ever seen. It can well integrate these bright characteristics into plastic to make bottles for high-end products."

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