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Cleo and DuPont jointly develop color proofing machines

Cleo and DuPont imaging technology announced that they will jointly develop the color proofing market, and the areas of cooperation include the development and sales of proofing technology. DuPont Imaging Technology Co., Ltd. will use DuPont cromanettm on the Creole color proofing machine. Four pieces of aluminum foil color management, DuPont cromalin (R) ink and media will be consumed in one experiment

ruicai proofing machine adopts Creo multi dro arraytm multi drop ink array imaging technology, which can accurately control 3PL ink dots and produce high-quality inkjet printing effect. This innovation can create top-level image quality and color accuracy. If combined with cromalin (R) color management and media, it can achieve unique and high-quality contract printing quality

the ink flow control of ruicai proofing machine is very accurate, and it can × In 2011, 500 dpi resolution inkjet, its repetition accuracy and accuracy are also very high, making its final proofing product quality far ahead. Cleo will still launch the solution of Cleo ink and media supporting ruicai proofing machine, which can be connected to the prepress workflow of Cleo yinneng Jiehe Bisheng. This scheme is promoted by Cleo's sales department

and avoid the toxicity of lead-based batteries

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