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Have you used Philips hr1932 wall breaking Juicer? How about the juicer? Start with the evaluation

Philips popular wall breaking machine recommendation: Philips hr1932 wall breaking original Juicer Juicer household full-automatic fruit and vegetable multi-function juicer, this has the characteristics of wall breaking micro squeezing and washing immediately. How about this Philips hr1932 wall breaking original Juicer juicer and its function? Let's take a look at the appearance, price, configuration parameters, and start with friends' comments on the advantages and disadvantages. I hope it can help you choose this Philips hr1932 wall breaking original Juicer juicer

Philips hr1932 wall breaking Juicer Juicer

I. appearance and price:

Philips hr1932 wall breaking Juicer the appearance color of the juicer is metallic rose, and the promotional price of e-commerce is ¥ 2499.00, which is more favorable for double ten. At the end of the article, you can check the quotation of double eleven, as follows: the appearance of this wall breaking machine:

Philips hr1932 wall breaking Juicer

although it has changed recently Detailed configuration parameters:

and various production enterprises take measures to reduce production capacity and stabilize prices

Philips hr1932 wall breaking original Juicer Juicer real shot

III. user comments on advantages and disadvantages:

1. I saw this machine by chance in the mall and decided to buy it on the Internet, so I bought this one. I felt very good. First of all, the design was exquisite and reasonable, the volume was small, its juicing rate was significantly high, and there was almost no too much fruit residue, The squeezed juice with some pulp is very refreshing. The grapefruit, orange and lemon juice in the picture is so delicious

2. Sincerity is very easy to use. It produces juice quickly and more. It refuses to waste juice in the opposite direction. People who are usually too lazy to chew fruit drive the whole family to make an appointment with pure natural fruit juice every day. Super sweet fruits can be paired with lemon, which is a surprise

the juice made by Philips hr1932 wall breaking original juice machine is made in various ways

3. Since I received the machine, it is understood that my child urges me to squeeze juice with him every day, and the amount of fruit consumed every day is much more than before. My mother is happy to drink it, because I have to squeeze it twoorthree times a day and start the juice bottle. It is perfect for the juice machine. I squeeze it once in the morning, cover it immediately and put it in the refrigerator. It is particularly convenient to drink and take it with me on this day. This machine is beautiful in color, high-grade, small in size and easy to store, especially good for washing. It is really clean after washing, and the sound is not loud when working. The juice yield is also particularly good. Meaty fruits such as peaches can also be squeezed relatively dry, which is very satisfactory

the latest quotation of the double 11 of the next day cat, friends' comments

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