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Come here and watch the big move of Beijing glass

the innovation of materials and the progress of technology have brought more possibilities and imagination to architecture. As an overall solution for deep processing of glass and a global supplier of high-end architectural glass, BG brought the "flower of BG" glass art device, super arc length bending tempered antireflection laminated glass, Nike "air cushion glass", multi curved shaped colored glaze tempered laminated glass, digital printing small radius tempered glass, as well as BG silicon nest light Microcrystalline stone wall materials and unit curtain wall

magnifying move - [Beige selects the cut rectangular sample: the cut rectangular sample is the flower that cuts the sample in advance: the mirror flower cluster]

"the possibility of materials" - space device Exhibition (Booth No.: w1.308) by Cade Architectural Design Expo, together with the special curator Gao Changjun and five architects who pursue the ultimate, the firm has five kinds of world-class building materials when the market and competitors feel uncertain, Jointly create five groups of groundbreaking architectural art installations, which will soon appear in cade2020. As one of the groups, Zang Feng, a teacher of Zhongzhu architecture, and Tianjin Glass Company of Beijing Glass Corporation will build architectural devices with glass as the theme, interpreting the boundary between "transparent and impermeable". The mirror flower cluster is an infinite space reflected by multiple curved glass arranged in a ring. Because of the mutual reflection of the inner and outer double-layer curved plated mirror glass, there is an infinite world circling inside the mirror flower cluster, which is connected with the surrounding real space

also due to the gradual change and disappearance of the mirror point, the peripheral scene is gradually integrated with the internal space, and the surrounding world is reflected out at the mirror point, penetrating into the interior at the transparent place, and the halo fading transformation between the virtual image and the real image. It is also a flexible glass display frame. All components can be disassembled to quickly present exquisite huge glass products in different occasions. People can find different worlds and diverse selves inside and outside the mirror flower cluster

no shielding and dizziness - Super arc length anti bending tempered glass

the birth of super arc length safety glass of North glass has made designers' dreams come true, rewriting the history of architectural viewing glass. The unique anti reflection technology makes aesthetics and technology complement each other, and the indoor visible light reflection is less than 1%, which perfectly solves the problem of optical illusion if the travel distance exceeds the selected distance is 1000 or 1200mm, and the visual sense is excellent. The super large glass provides sufficient natural light for the building and enables us to have a better vision with high accuracy. Continuous innovation has enabled Beijing glass to complete a series of high standard, difficult and large-scale product breakthroughs - 12.8-meter ultra large curved steel glass, 15 meter ultra large flat spotless tempered glass, 16 meter ultra large hollow tempered glass, 18 meter ultra large Low-E tempered laminated insulating glass, and 8-meter ultra large arc length antireflective tempered glass, which has laid the industrial position of Beijing glass in China and even the world. North glass uses the latest antireflection technology to effectively avoid the light pollution problem of super large glass and provide more possibilities for architects

magnifying move - light Microcrystalline stone unit curtain wall

North Glass Silicon nest has been grinding a sword for seven years, costing hundreds of millions, and finally became a "Silicon nest". If we compare glass to coffee, the light Microcrystalline stone unit curtain wall is the coffee companion of the glass curtain wall and the new coat of green buildings. North Glass Silicon nest has created a new material for opaque walls after the transparent wall solution, and has formed a full industry chain solution for material technology, equipment manufacturing, and construction applications. Light Microcrystalline stone wall materials have excellent performance integration characteristics of light weight and high strength, heat insulation, fire resistance, moisture resistance and hydrophobicity, sound insulation and corrosion prevention, decoration integration, and high weather resistance. It can be perfectly matched with the steel structure to form a light Microcrystalline stone unit curtain wall

it adopts the steel bone embedded structure of light Microcrystalline stone wall material originally created by silicon nest, which not only inherits the good comprehensive physical properties of light Microcrystalline stone wall material, but also improves the bearing capacity and seismic resistance. Modular design, high-precision prefabrication, rapid node assembly, single material and high integration, can be hoisted independently, or pre assembled and assembled into an integral wall panel, and the construction operation is flexible. It can save energy, materials, water and land to the greatest extent, and has a high life cycle and high recovery rate. It is an excellent combination of steel buildings at present

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