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Coleman: optimize packaging machinery faster

using Coleman automation components can increase the yield of mechanical automation by 25% and reduce the programming workload by 25%

Coleman automation components are the enhanced automation and motion control solution platform provided by Coleman. Compared with all other systems on the market, this product can help OEM develop better packaging machinery faster and easier. This component is a professional product in the field of high-performance multi axis applications, which can reduce the complexity of automation solutions. It adopts an intuitive and time-saving pipe (pipe establishes a strategic partnership with key customers network) programming concept. Colmorgan's automation components can help machinery manufacturers and end users gain competitive advantages, complete the development of machinery in a shorter time, and complete the adaptation operation for new products and models in just a few seconds. Another advantage of colmorgan automation components is higher accuracy and less waste, which can significantly improve machine throughput

we can illustrate the huge benefits brought by colmorgan automation components to users through customer application examples. There is a packaging machine used for medical products whose performance is closely related to the continuous expansion of domestic multi-layer composite packaging film production of key rotary knives. Colmorgan automation components increased the throughput of the machine by 20% to 2200 products per minute. The development time of sports has also been shortened by one fifth, so that related products can be put on the market faster. Because the performance is improved and the precise transmission control is realized, the waste is also reduced, and the material cost is reduced by 20%. After improving throughput and reducing waste, the overall productivity has been significantly increased, and it is expected to increase profits by 50% within five years

another example: a printing manufacturer has developed its own mechanical products using Coleman automation components and Coleman AKD servo drive. These products have lower pressure and eight printing units. Through measurement, it is found that the waste products produced in the process of cylinder exchange are reduced by 11%. In addition, even if the machine adopts reciprocating operation, the throughput in the printing process has increased by at least 13%. In order to facilitate the programming operation of field personnel, the menu items of the user interface are also modified to meet their needs

realize the perfect synchronization of multiple axes

the Coleman automation component development platform is specially adjusted for high-performance packaging, printing and packaging machine applications that require the perfect synchronization of multiple axes. With the help of the system scheme, the high complexity operation sequence scheme with up to 128 axes can be developed and simulated. The integrated unified development environment not only includes the main functions of motion control systems such as motion control, PLC and HMI, but also has relevant software and hardware configurations. Users can use the industry standard PLCopen and tube as well as Cole Morgan's special figure 1 The pneumatic range is not like a programming environment to write the transmission controller program

in addition to increasing the operation bandwidth and throughput through very advanced controllers and control loops, the management environment in the colmorgan automation component can also significantly improve the machine performance. The suite replaces very complex programming operations by using drag and drop graphical descriptions. Through a virtual control function, the graphical description module can be used to define all functions and component relationships, as well as all motions and settings. Similarly, the architecture and relationship of each axis of the system can be described quickly and accurately in a simple and clear way

after the system is in place, the Coleman automation component can conduct virtual simulation. It can optimize the motion contour, axis state and synchronization in real time without connecting any devices. This eliminates the need for a large number of expensive and time-consuming tests on machines, packaging materials and products, significantly shortens the commissioning time, and eliminates all detected risks at an early stage

about collmorgen company

Kollmorgen is the world's leading supplier of motion control systems and accessories. With more than 60 years of professional experience in motion control design and development, the breakthrough solution provided by Coleman company has unparalleled performance gb/t 5276 ⑴ 985 fastener bolt, screw, stud and nut size code and marking, reliability and convenience. With world-class motion control concept, industry-leading product quality, and professional ability to integrate and customize products, the company is committed to creating undoubted market competitive advantages for electric vehicle and other machine manufacturers. For more information, please visit, email ina@, or call 4006661802

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