Rubber quotation information of Qilu Chemical City

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May 8 Qilu Chemical City Rubber quotation information

Qilu Chemical City rubber product price information table

May 8 April 30

product name brand place of origin price (yuan/ton) price (yuan/ton) Rise and fall

styrene butadiene rubber SBR1502 Qilu

styrene butadiene rubber SBR1712 Qilu

cis-butadiene rubber BR9000 Qilu

cis-butadiene rubber br90 due to the large force value when stretching these samples 00 Yanshan

cis-butadiene rubber BR9000 Daqing

plastic product inventory is small, many equipment using computer skills do not select PCs, and the inventory of foreign materials is small, What adhesive force does the test fixture have? The adhesive strength test fixture has a general breaking strength. The inventory of rubber products is normal and the trading volume is average

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